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SUV 4x4 Car Models

Sports Utility Vehicles - An SUV is a car or a crossover similar to a station wagon or estate. SUVs are usually equipped with four-wheel drive capabilities to provide on-road or off-road driving options. Hence, some SUV owners call their 4x4 or 4WD 'AUV' or action utility vehicle.

What helps to make 4x4 SUVs special is that many of them offer the handy towing capacity of a pickup truck conveniently combined with the passenger-carrying space of a large family sedan or spacious minivan.

Sports utility vehicles are undeniably large and rugged, easily handling rough surfaces and extreme terrain. Add to that a 4x4 auto which is never out of place on multi-lane highways and urban city roadways.

Built on a light-truck chassis, the term SUV is synonymous with almost any car which delivers all-wheel drive with raised ground clearance. American Motor Company (AMC) produced the first 'true' sport utility car with the original XJ Jeep Cherokee model in 1984. The XJ combined a passenger car seated comfortably on a truck chassis.

From the late 1980s the modern 4x4 market firmly established itself and the incredibly compact Cherokee proved to be one of the most popular station wagons ever made. In fact, perhaps because of the car's revolutionary ease of driving through difficult conditions, close to three million Cherokees were built between 1984 and 2001.

Modern SUVs and Crossovers

The popular trend of buying 4x4s and SUVs shows no sign of slowing down. But, how do you determine which is the best new model crossover or off-roader for your budget? This section covers the growing list of big budget luxury models to the cheapest value-packed SUVs and 4x4 cars available on the sales forecourts around the United Kingdom.

If you are a driver who believes that size doesn't matter, check out our top ten list of best small 4x4 cars for 2016 according to their low running costs and practical capabilities for handling the typical snowy UK winters.

It seems owning a sports utility vehicle, whether it has two-wheel or four-wheel drive capabilities, is no longer only a simple fashion statement. Function is what motivates a purchase and the vast majority of SUV class cars offer drivers an unrivalled commanding view of the road with a high-up driving position.

Besides providing its occupants with plenty of family friendly practical features, it is perhaps the strong sense of security combined with the fuel efficiency and clean emissions of many hybrid cars that drives most owners into buying a new modern 4x4 or SUV car.

So which are the best SUVs and 4x4s on sale this year? Well, every decent car review covers the multitude of different shapes, sizes, and prices but this list of thoroughbred motors should help you find the right one.

Note: Thinking about buying an electric car? Check the latest news and browse through some accurate EV models reviews. Another section highlights some of the most interesting and notable SUVs and 4x4s not sold in the United Kingdom (and reasons why not).

Audi iconAudi

AUDI 4x4 CARS: The Audi 4x4 Q3 car review shows it to be the smallest in their SUV range of chic crossovers. Even so, the engine spec and posh interior trim are unparalleled at this level.

Bentley iconBentley

BENTLEY MOTORS: Walter Owen Bentley founded the prestige and luxury car makers in 1919. He was adamant Bentley Motors would build 'a fast car, a good car, and the best in its class'.


BMW SUV Models - The award winning BMW Sports Utility Vehicles and Crossover Cars are designed with ultimate driving pleasure in mind and play a huge role in the United Kingdom regarding the BMW Group.

Chevrolet iconChevrolet

Chevrolet SUV 4x4 - The success of the Chevrolet Crossover and SUV models is mostly attributed to the production of a brand which embodies the best of American automobiles offering their owners the quality they want, along with the superior value they need.

Citroen iconCitroen

Citroen SUV Cars and 4x4 Crossovers - Citroën is one of the most recognised Sports Utility Vehicle and Crossover car manufacturers in the United Kingdom. The stunning range of Citroën SUV and 4x4s showcase superb examples of modern automobile brands which simply ooze with creativity.

Fiat iconFiat

Fiat 4x4s and Crossovers - Fiat is one of the most widely known Italian automakers who have been producing their stylish brand of cars since 1899. There is no doubt that as they continue to be a key player of innovation and in the marketplace, the technological expertise is at the heart of every project, from Fiat 4x4 light off roaders to compact crossovers.

Ford iconFord

Ford SUV 4x4 and Crossovers - Driving Ford Sport Utility Vehicles means you have a car or pickup that is also a 'Smart Utility Vehicle'. Ford four-wheel drive SUVs and crossovers are not only intelligently designed, but also available in three cab styles.

Honda iconHonda

Honda SUV and Crossovers - The manufacturing name is synonymous with engineering and problem solving and their philosophy is simple - 'Your Honda'. Honda SUV and Crossovers rank at the highest level of automakers around the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Isuzu SUV iconIsuzu

Isuzu SUV Models - Isuzu's light commercial vehicles, sports utilities, heavy trucks, and diesel engines fill significant roles for drivers in the United Kingdom. The full range of Isuzu SUVs and Pickups, and their ongoing sophisticated technological strength, continues to provide their owners with reliable and exciting automobiles for the most challenging terrain.

Jaguar iconJaguar

Jaguar F Pace SUV - The long-awaited arrival of Jaguar's elite crossover sports car gets taken through its paces in our first impression road test. The Jaguar F-Pace SUV Crossover becomes the latest contribution emerging into an appealing range of luxury sport-utility vehicles by the British carmaker based at Coventry in England.

Jeep iconJeep

Jeep SUV 4WD - Jeep is legendary and recognized in almost every corner of the world. Jeep 4x4 Off Roaders, and their proud owners, are often synonymously linked with freedom, dedication, unbridled passion, authenticity and adventurous fun.

Kia iconKia

Kia SUV 4x4s - Kia Motors Corporation is part of the 5th biggest automobile manufacturer in the world operating almost 200 dealerships around the United Kingdom selling Kia SUV Crossover Models. With their company's headquarters based in Seoul, Kia Motors Corporation is the second-largest car maker in South Korea, slightly trailing behind Hyundai.

Land Rover iconLand Rover

Land Rover SUV 4x4 - Land Rover celebrates more than sixty five years of iconic strength and ruggedness in the motoring industry. The toughness and versatility of Land Rover 4WD vehicles is easily recognised as one of the world's top four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles capable of hard work and exciting adventures.

Mazda iconMazda

Mazda SUV and Crossover Models - The lineup of Mazda SUVs and Crossovers rank at the highest level of automakers in the United Kingdom and worldwide. In fact, by production, Mazda is one of the biggest providing its car owners and drivers some of the closest examples of the perfect ride.

Mercedes iconMercedes

Mercedes-Benz SUVs and 4x4 Crossovers - Mercedes Sports Utility Vehicles are easily regarded as one of the finest German automobile manufacturers with vast presence all over the United Kingdom. It is a multinational division of the German manufacturer Daimler AG.

Mitsubishi iconMitsubishi

Mitsubishi SUVs - Mitsubishi Motors produced their first vehicle in 1917 and are still manufacturing and selling a superb range of powerful and quality Mitsubishi 4x4 and SUV cars with a host of complementary and practical pick-up trucks.

Nissan iconNissan

Nissan SUV Models - Discover the pioneering automobile range of Nissan SUV and Crossovers simply oozing with style and safety for any journey around the rugged roads of the United Kingdom and beyond.

Rolls Royce iconRolls Royce

Rolls Royce SUV - Rolls-Royce Motor Cars revealed their plans to top the luxury SUV market. The Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV is 'family focused' and set to cost around £230,000.

Škoda iconŠkoda

Škoda 4x4 - Choose any of the Skoda 4x4 models and you will get a gripping drive in all weather conditions. Skoda 4x4 cars rarely disappoint any owners of their four-wheel drive offroaders and SUVs.

Subaru iconSubaru

Subaru Softroader SUVs - Subaru's 'Confidence in Motion' mission statement expresses their resolve to face the challenges on the roads ahead. The lineup of Subaru SUV Cars small and mid-range automobiles typically use the all-wheel-drive train layout - ideal for driving around the diverse road conditions of the United Kingdom.

Suzuki iconSuzuki

Suzuki SUV Car Models - There is no mistaking that the exciting and classy range of Suzuki 4x4 Off Roaders rarely fail to meet the expectations of drivers UK-wide. Suzuki car manufacturers are constantly moving forward to meet the demands of our changing lifestyles.

Toyota iconToyota

Toyota SUV and Crossovers - Toyota is Japan's biggest car manufacturer and a big global player in the world of SUV car-makers. Today's range of modern Toyota Off Roaders owes much to their previous involvment in truck manufacturing in the USA.

Volkswagen iconVolkswagen

Volkswagen SUV and Crossovers - There is no denying that VW use a unique combination of automation and human skill. It is a 'win win' conglomeration which combines to create superb SUV and 4x4 Volkswagens.

Disclaimer: Older car reports may include promotional marketing for products and services that are no longer available. The information was accurate at the time of the report.