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Citan Panel Van in UK

The Mercedes-Benz Citan panel van 2023 model is one of the smallest in the range. But, the engineering focuses on fulfilling big ambitions as it completes a successful launch.

This review of the Mercedes Citan and eCitan vans contains information about the new features, design standards, and the all-important technical data used to power business forward.

Mercedes Citan Design and Technology

Despite what you might think, the smallest van in the range is not short on features. For example, you get:

In simple terms, this is Mercedes-Benz vans in every way possible. A robust design means it's engineered to handle the tough demands of industry in the United Kingdom.

But, the benefits of owning a Citan panel van don't end there. The renewed design compliments an interior that's jam-packed with luxury features.

Confidence and reliability comes as standard thanks to the Citan's high-quality finish and hard-wearing materials (including six airbags).

Citan Panel Van Interior Trim

A key feature found on the inside of the Mercedes-Benz Citan panel van PROGRESSIVE is a total of six (6) airbags allocated to protect the driver and co-driver. Other features that come as standard, include:

Let's not forget about safety, security, and the all-important connectivity features, such as:

What about the exterior? You get 40.6 centimetre (16-inch) 5-twin-spoke design wheels along with these extra benefits:

Citan Panel Van Dimensions and Weight

Colour options for Citan PROGRESSIVE

eCitan Panel Vans

Is an electric panel van right for your business needs? It's prudent to accept that not every business in the UK is ready to go electric - yet. Even so, it's handy to find out whether it will enhance your workplace capabilities.

The arrival of the new eCitan panel van comes with an "expected" electric range of up to 176 miles. Mercedes-Benz expects the top up time to be 35 minutes for an 80% charge.

Citan Crew Vans

The new Citan crew vans provide total comfort for passengers no matter where they sit (a benefit of wraparound windows).

Furthermore, the arrival of the new Mercedes-Benz eCitan crew van boasts all the space you need for passengers on the inside.

Important: Using 'Connected Services' from Mercedes-Benz means you can stay connected to the van through intelligent information, insights, and solutions from the palm of your hand.

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Note: The short video tutorial [7:49 seconds] presented by Mercedes Vans describes in great detail what the new Citan vans can offer businesses in the United Kingdom.

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