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New Macan Electric Review

So, the ten year wait for the second-generation Macan is over. Porsche unveiled the all-new and all-electric Macan in Singapore on the 25th of January 2024.

This in-depth review of the Macan 4 Electric and the Macan Turbo Electric contains information about the technical specifications, interior trim, and OTR price for the United Kingdom.

UK Sees a New Generation of Porsche EVs

After releasing the first-generation Macan in February 2014, Porsche's second electric car will be a worthy challenger for the likes of:

Buyers in the UK can choose between the four-wheel-drive Macan 4 or the Macan Turbo Electric versions.

The Macan EV will be the first electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) made by the famous German brand. Plus, as you may expect, it's powerful and there's no shortage of new and innovative electrifying technology.

2024 Macan EV Design and Styling

They are developing it alongside the Audi Q6 E-tron electric car. In other words, they share the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture and several other key components (e.g. batteries, chassis, and power electronics). The Porsche Cayenne EV will also use the same PPE collection of parts.

It's fair to say the restyling of most Porsche models has been quite restrained over the years. Yet, the front of the new Macan is the part which attracts most attention after receiving its makeover.

Here's the thing:

The exterior styling used for the first-generation Macan is gone. Instead, the new SUV takes its aesthetic 'curves' from the Taycan. For example, it gets the same distinctive rectangular headlights and wraparound LED rear light bar.

You might also notice the sleek roofline and silhouette. In particular, an unconventional rear end features a rakish retractable spoiler. The deployment of which helps to increase downward lift force on the vehicle (downforce).

Like the Porsche Boxster, one of the notable features in older Macans was the large black grille. But, the new all-electric Macan SUV gets a lower and wider air intake in the bumper and it loses the bulky wide mouth.

Porsche Macan Electric 2024 Car Review for the United KingdomAll-Electric Porsche Macan Dimensions

Note: Comparisons taken from the original petrol versions.

Macan EV Technical Details

Having dual electric motors means these cars are powerful. For instance, the entry-level Macan 4 gets a combined 408hp. You'll get 639 hp and 1,130Nm of torque from the Macan Turbo.

The new turbo version is even quicker off the mark. It is one full second quicker than the old Macan GTS and the same time quoted by Tesla for the Model Y Performance.

Macan Batteries and Driving Range

All Macan versions have a 95kWh battery fitted as standard. So, thanks to Porsche E-Performance, the cars are as aerodynamic as possible.

So for example, the underfloor is completely flat and the redesigned 22-inch wheels means it slips through the air with ease.

The outcome?

The Macan 4 offers up to 381 miles of range. In fact, that is an additional 65 miles over the Taycan and about 50 miles more than the Model Y Long Range from Tesla.

As you may expect, the range of the Turbo model drops a little to 367 miles (on a full charge). Nonetheless, that is about 80 miles more than you get from the Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV.

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Macan's Chassis and Suspension

Any time you think about cars designed with handling in mind, you need to include this German car manufacturer to the list.

In other words, Porsche Active Suspension Management (optionally available) and adaptive dampers - with steel spring suspension - adjusts the ride height and the stiffness. The result is less body roll (on twisty roads) and an unequalled balance between performance and comfort.

Moreover, the rear-wheel steering feature offers several benefits, especially for town driving. Thus, tightening the turning circle means it's easier to park.

2024 Macan Interior and Infotainment

Many will argue that the cabin of the Taycan flagship EV provided the inspiration for the interior of the new Macan Electric.

Porsche Macan 4 Electric Interior 2024To prove the point, the dashboard has the same clean design with the giveaway straight lines running across the console.

Even so, the cockpit designers still used physical buttons for many of the essentials, including the adjustment of climate control.

Beyond that, Porsche smart mobility give you:

Like the new Porsche Cayenne, there is an option to have a third touchscreen situated in front of the passenger.

The cutting-edge technology of the augmented reality head-up display (optional) can project navigation directions and hazard warnings onto the road ahead.

Car Review Conclusions: Plus PointsPlus Points

Car Review Conclusions: Minus PointsMinus Points

Porsche Macan Price UKUK Price for Macan Electric SUV £69,800 - £95,000 (Turbo)

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