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4x4 Vans and Trucks

The 4x4 vans sector is a niche area but this heavy-duty section provides commercial vehicle reviews and specialist information for off-road van buyers and followers. Find useful guides and road tests for new and used 4x4 vans, pick-ups, and gigantic box trucks for sale - not only in the UK but overseas too.

Specialist Heavy-duty Trucks and Vans

Get up to speed with the latest four wheel drive van specifications, dimensions, and all the latest van news - big and small - from around the country. Many of the offroad sites neglect the need to provide up-to-date statistics and important data on 4WD vans.

Nonethelss we aim to cater for those who need a true off-road warrior when only a four-wheel drive van fits the bill for an off road venture away from paved road surfaces. We are talking about the 4WD beasts that can easily negotiate steep inclines and tackle shallow rivers or deeply rutted muddy terrain.

4x4 Off-road Specialist Vans
Mercedes 4x4 Mountain Rescue Commercial Vehicle

Many commercial vehicle operators are looking for the reassurance that their truck can cope with some less demanding off-roading and keep moving - especially in snowy or icy conditions.

UK van drivers are not keen on waiting for the gritters to arrive.

Volkswagen Caddyi 4Motion Amarok
Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 4Motion

Company Car Tax 4x4 CommercialsCompany Car Tax

Company Car Tax Rules for Vans and 4x4s - Simple explanations of what company car tax is based on and how does HMRC company car tax deduction work for your 4WD pickup truck or a double cab. Understanding how your 4x4 company car tax rates and calculations work can be a little confusing but you should find this simplified guide a fairly smooth ride as we try to unravel the complexities of the system.

VAT and Commercial VehiclesVAT and Commercial Vehicles

Buying Selling PickUps and other Commercial Vehicles - This information is specific to the buying and selling of commercial vehicles. VAT and Company Car Tax are different. It is possible for a pickup to be classed as a commercial vehicle for VAT purposes, but subject to Company Car Tax in day to day use, Two different sections of the HMRC are involved - each with their own rules.

Car and Van Tax DifferencesCar and Van Tax Differences

There is often confusion as to what exactly is the difference between a car and a van. We all have our own ideas about this and we tend to categorise a car or van commercial by the use we put it to, or the way others use it.