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4WD Van Sales Guide

Even though some drivers buy a light goods vehicle (LGV) for off-road exploration, most van owners use them as a practical power horse and cargo carrier.

This section contains useful information and reviews about the latest 4x4 vans for sale, including the current legal guidelines for van drivers and owners in the United Kingdom.

4x4 Vans, Trucks, & Commercial Vehicles

So, we already did the research and it seems there is very little advice online about vans and 4x4 pickups for sale around the country.

We find that somewhat surprising because there's no shortage of great value-for-money vans and trucks on the market.

Here's the deal:

The best four-wheel drive vans offer so much more, including off-road capabilities, a means of transport, and a camper to sleep in.

In other words, you can use this section as a comprehensive resource of information about vans and heavy duty commercial vehicles.

You'll find popular articles, stimulating car blog posts, van comparison tests, technical specifications, and expert ratings.

Using the UK Van Guide

Many of the UK 4x4 offroading sites neglect the need to provide up-to-date statistics and important data on 4WD vans.

Nonetheless, we aim to cater for those who need a true off-road warrior. There are times when only a four-wheel drive van fits the bill for a driving adventure away from paved road surfaces.

We are talking about the 4WD beasts that negotiate steep inclines without hesitation. In fact, these monsters can also tackle shallow river beds and deeply rutted muddy terrain with ease.

Yes, the 4x4 commercial vehicles range is a niche segment. This is why our heavy duty section provides analysis and reviews about hard-working commercials - big and small.

But wait - there's more:

The topics below contain links to useful guides and road tests of new and used 4x4 vans, panel vans, box trucks, and specialist industrial-strength or heavyweight equipment.

Get up to speed with the latest four wheel drive van specifications, dimensions, and all the latest van news from around the country.



Car and Van Tax Differences

There is a lot of confusion about the exact difference between car and van for tax purposes. Very often, we categorise a car, a van, or a commercial by the use that we put it to - or the way others use it.

Another section explains more about Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and how much it costs to tax a van in the United Kingdom.

Car Derived Vans

Laws enacted by the government result in very few vans being classified as car derived (e.g. based on the regular car model).

This help guide explains the criteria and meaning of a car derived van, how it affects national speed limits, and regulation for dual purpose vehicles.

Company Car Tax Rules

Tax on company cars comes from a benefit-in-kind monetary value calculation that employees need to pay if they get benefits (perks) over and above their regular salary.

This HMRC help section explains company car tax rules and how much tax you pay on commercial vehicles, including vans and pickups.

VAT on Commercial Vehicles

For the most part, you will be paying an extra 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) to HMRC if you purchase a new van or pickup truck.

Check out our help guide that focuses on explaining the process of VAT on vans and commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom.


Driving a Van

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) sets out the legislation and licence requirements for van drivers in England, Scotland, and Wales.

This help guide explains the general rules for driving a van, how the speed and weight limits apply, and the special rules for loading and on drivers' hours.

Fleet Management

Goods vehicle operators use the term "fleet" to define how many vehicles they are operating through their business - usually at least fifteen (15) or ten (10+) bought in a single tax year.

The section explains the general rules for running a fleet of vans and how the regulations apply in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Walkaround Checks

There are several reasons why van drivers should be checking the condition of their vehicles every day. It helps to ensure its roadworthiness and it highlights any parts that need repairing or replacing.

This step by step guide walks you through the process of conducting a van driver's daily walkaround check and what to do if you find a fault on your vehicle.


Electric Vans

The phase out of petrol and diesel vehicles continues around the United Kingdom. Even so, a wide range of small and large electric vans are forthcoming.

This section contains reviews about battery powered panel vans and heavy duty trucks that are accessible for business owners and industrial workplaces.

Ford Vans

Ford launched the first Transit van in Britain in 1965. Since then, businesses have put their trust in the full range of Ford vans and commercial vehicles for sale in the United Kingdom.

The reason why is simple! Ford vans are recognised and respected for being reliable, durable, and versatile when jobs need to get done.

Mercedes-Benz Vans

All Mercedes vans have unique selling points, no matter whether you're driving a Sprinter, a Vito, a Citan panel van, or one of the new Mercedes-Benz electric vans.

This section will help you become familiar with the full range of van models that Mercedes-Benz currently sells to keep business moving in the United Kingdom.

Mercedes Sprinter Campervan Pop Top Roof ConversionSprinter Campervan

Fitting a high roof is the modern way of transforming a cramped camper into a spacious overlander that can sleep up to 4 people.

The information in this guide describes the process and features after carrying out the pop top roof conversion to the 4WD Mercedes Sprinter.

Click through for the Mercedes Sprinter Campervan Pop Top Roof Conversion.

Mercedes 4x4 Mountain Rescue Commercial VehicleMountain Rescue Vehicle

Many commercial vehicle operators are looking for the reassurance that their truck can cope with some less demanding off-roading and keep moving.

This is especially so in snowy or icy conditions. UK van drivers are not keen on waiting for the gritters to arrive. Enter the Mercedes 4x4 Mountain Rescue truck.


TORSUS is a lesser known company that develops and manufactures some of the toughest heavy duty off-road buses found anywhere in the world.

This section contains information about the range of different TORSUS Bus models, specifications, and the price for PRAETORIAN and TERRASTORM versions.

Volkswagen Vans

VW Caddy Maxi 4Motion

Many commercial vehicle operators are looking for the reassurance that their truck can cope with some less demanding off-roading and keep moving.

This is especially so in snowy or icy conditions. UK van drivers are not keen on waiting for the gritters to arrive.

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