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Mitsubishi 4x4 Shogun

The Shogun range has long been established as 'genuine' 4x4 motors. They have the rugged build and drive capabilities to perform in the most demanding conditions on or off road, yet combine the styling of a luxury car.

The latest range of Shoguns from the Mitsubishi stable - The fourth generation of Shoguns - are no exception; with several models to choose from in either the short (Swb) or long wheel base (Lwb) versions.

Reliability is taken for granted with the Mitsubishi 4x4s - rightly so! Together with this, safety has always been an important aspect of the Shogun way. And, in addition to this, there is a fantastic warranty that comes as standard (No hidden extras).

Shogun Warranty

All of the models in the Shogun 4x4 range is provided with a three year unlimited mileage. Add to this, the fact that there is a twelve year anti-corrosion warranty and a further three year European breakdown and recovery service!

Shogun Range

The two basic ranges of short or long wheel base configurations, are split into 6 different 'models' - all with the 3.2 DI-DC Diesel engine. A top speed of around 110 mph combined with average fuel consumption of 30 mpg, makes the Shogun 4x4 a big time player in the big car stakes.

Safety Features as Standard

Inside the Cab

Mitsubishi Shogun on the Road

Mitsubishi 4x4 ShogunHas been quoted as not having enough power from the 3.2 Diesel engine on offer, but then do you really need to keep up with the Range Rover just gone past?

Great Auto box which 'slips' from one drive to the other.

Weight of the car tends to pull it over (roll) on tight bends, and the Shogun reflects is basic proper 4x4 'roots' with a ride that is perhaps not as smooth as some saloon cars.

Hey, now we are getting really picky about the Shogun!

Conclusions about the Shogun

Some of the best shows and films I have ever seen have been slated by the critics. The same is true of many things in life. Mitsubishi are superb at customer relations, and they offer all the pre-purchase niceties to lure potential buyers. Take advantage of the Mitsubishi hospitality and go test drive a Mitsubishi Shogun for yourself. Not too many people change over from Mitsubishi Shoguns once they have made the move!

List price for the basic '3.2 DI-DC Equippe Manual' is stated from £22,649

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