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Citroën Ami Electric Vehicle

Despite its nickname "the playful one" the Citroën Ami is not a real car. It's an all-electric urban mobility solution that classifies as a light quadricycle.

This review of the Citroën Ami Pop highlights some of its best features, technical specifications, and how much it costs to buy one in the United Kingdom.

Is the New Citroen Ami Legal in the UK?

Citroën's smallest car is 100% electric and designed for city dwellers and people with urban lifestyles.

It is a funky compact EV that is available in several different models, including:

Pro Tip: The EU Framework Directive 2002/24/EC defines the Citroen Ami as a four wheeled, light on-road quad (L6e) with an unladen mass not over 425 kilograms. In other words, 16-year-olds with a full category AM moped licence can drive it on public roads in the United Kingdom.

The Citroën Ami Quad Bike (Reborn)

So, where did the inspiration come from for their two-passenger electric quadricycle that they have been selling since 2020?

The French manufacturer is better known for Citroën 4x4 cars. However, production of the Ami One concept car was actually based on the original Citroën Ami 6 (marketed from 1961 to 1978).

Even so, the outcome of the refreshed lineup is a brand new design in the iconic Ami Pop (Culture) model. It's fair to say the range of specific accessories and distinctive design makes it somewhat quirky and unique.

Citroën Ami Pop Specifications

You could describe Citroën's tradition of evolutionary ideas as maverick, or even nonconformist. For example, the original Citroën 2CV helped to mobilise the masses in years gone by.

Citroën Ami Pop Review, Specifications, and Price in the United Kingdom.In a similar fashion, Ami is helping to bring electrified mobility to the masses of the present day.

Here's the deal:

Having an ultra-compact size means it's practical (for some drivers). Remember, it's only a two person vehicle.

By and large, it's a good option for nipping in and out of tight gaps and for parking in congested CAZ cities (e.g. London).

So, at 241 cm long, 139 cm wide, and 152 cm high, you will only occupy half of a normal parking space.

It has a tight turning circle (a little over 7 metres) and it is environmentally friendly. In fact, the rundown from the French manufacturers states that the 100% electric Ami emits zero emissions when driving.

Expanding the Automotive Landscape

Having a 100% electric drivetrain means engine noises and interior vibrations are nonexistent. Simply put, three buttons deliver 3 modes of movement (Drive, Neutral, and Reverse).

The aim was to make it simpler to build. In doing so, Citroen has made the Ami EV quadricycle more affordable to more individuals.

Pro Tip: The doors open asymmetrically, the battery is 85% recyclable, and the bodywork is 100% recyclable.

FAQs about the Citroen Ami

What Car is Cheapest on Company Car Tax?

On a technical basis, the Citroen Ami is one of the cheapest vehicles in the United Kingdom for company car tax (e.g. benefit-in-kind) and for general running costs.

Does Citroën AMI Need Insurance?

The simple answer is yes you need to insure it - even though it isn't placed in any car insurance groups. So, if you buy a Citroen Ami quad, you would need to have third-party insurance as a minimum to drive it on public roads in Great Britain.

What's the Top Speed and Range of the Ami Pop?

According to the official data issued by Citroen, the Ami's top speed is 44.9 kilometres per hour (27.9 mph). The World Motorcycle Test Cycle records the range for the Ami as being seventy four kilometres (46 miles).

How Do I Charge the Citroën AMI Battery?

This light quadricycle has a European two pin plug. So, you will need a Type 2 wall box converter (not included in the sale) for charging in the United Kingdom (or a tethered cable at the charging point).

AMI electric vehicles only have single-speed recharging as an option. Hence, fast charging is not available - and it does not charge with a tethered wall box.

It takes a little less than four (4) hours to fully charge the Ami from zero to 100%. A full charge costs about £1.82 based on a unit cost of twenty nine (29) pence per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Pro Tip: There is no need to leave the doors open when charging a Citroen Ami. The recess section for the cable provides easy access control when you charge it.

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Citroen Ami Pop Price Range for UKOn the Road (OTR) Price for Citroën Ami Pop in the United Kingdom: £8,498*

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