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Subaru 4x4 Models and SUV Cars

Subaru Softroader Vehicles - Subaru's brand of mid-range and smaller SUV automobiles typically use the all-wheel-drive train layout - ideal for driving on the diverse roads around the United Kingdom.

Subaru car manufacturers also provide its followers with a turbocharged engine as standard in many of their top range models, and proudly retaining their unstoppable drive to lead the competition.

Subaru's 'Confidence in Motion' mission statement expresses their resolve to face the challenges on the roads ahead.

Their reputation for engineering excellence and ingenuity continues to strengthen clearly capturing the very essence of what cars and sports utility vehicles should be.

Subaru Heritage and Background

Subaru gets its name from the Japanese translation of the Pleiades star cluster M45 (aka The Seven Sisters). There are only six stars in the Subaru logo because tradition says that one is invisible.

Subaru automakers had its roots firmly placed in aircraft technology in 1917 and was the largest aircraft manufacturer in Asia during that period.

Nakajima Aircraft Company was reconstituted as Fuji Heavy Industries after the war (1945) when the company refocused to produce cars - and Subaru emerged.

Subaru SUVs and Softroader Cars


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