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New Land Rover Defender 2020

There are several reasons why the all new Land Rover Defender has its work cut out to replace the old version. So, besides needing to possess awesome off-road driving ability, what other trademark features make it worth buying?

Well, let's start with the exhaustive simulation and rig testing carried out by the manufacturers.

They claim to have driven the Defender over one million kilometres and completed in excess of 45,000 individual tests.

As a result, this four-wheel drive off-road SUV could well be the one of toughest Land Rovers they've ever made.

Defender Durability Testing

Following its assembly in Slovakia, a high degree of traction comes as standard. This Defender is well-equipped with large robust tyres that are ready for all kinds of off-road adventures.

The new Defender 2020 boasts a robust interior and features durable rubber flooring. Furthermore, the satin protective film exterior shows that 'engineering' has been carried out with a genuine purpose.

The rigorous testing set the vehicle up to handle the most extreme conditions. Whether its driven on or off-road, its all-terrain capabilities and permanent All Wheel Drive feature create an unstoppable beast.

Moreover, using the new Configurable Terrain Response technology, you can choose to personalise your off‑road system preferences.

Review of the new Land Rover Defender 2020 SUV.Let's talk about geometry. Whether you are driving through urban jungle or in icy environments, it's clear how capable it becomes when you combine:

Defender 2020 Design Lines

Without doubt, the Defender's silhouette is instantly recognisable. As most Land Rover owners know... it does not have an 'ordinary' shape.

What's more, many will admit that the short front and rear overhangs play a distinct role in improving the geometry - and hence, its overall capability.

The round headlights are another identifiable feature of the new Defender 2020. They are full of character and proportioned to perfection - most would agree.

Land Rover Defender Interior

Moving inside to the cabin, quaint alpine lights provide a glimpse to the past. As a result, the main purpose is to fill the interior cabin with light. As you may expect... it works well!

The new version boasts an all-new exterior along with a stunning interior design. A suite of driver assistance and connectivity features complements the set up.

Land Rover Defender 2020 SUV review by Kent 4x4 Off-roadingWe failed to find a Land Rover Defender review that didn't swoon over its all-new infotainment system.

Yes, it's smartphone inspired, but all the goodies are displayed within an easy glance - thanks to Pivi Pro.

Another clever feature is the way the Connected Navigation Pro system recognises, and learns, preferred routes. Why is that important?

Well, it can suggest a faster alternative if the device detects severe road delays ahead.

One critical attribute for all off-roading sports vehicles is having enhanced vision capabilities. In fact, ClearSight technology comes as standard, thanks to the enhanced 3D Surround Camera.

Land Rover Defender 2020 Price

Last time we checked, the price of the Defender 90 starts from £40,290. Whereas, the larger version 110 variant begins at £45,240.

Land Rover's announcement of producing a commercial derivative (expected late in 2020) is likely to have a price tag around £35,000 (excluding VAT on commercial vehicles).

Note: The Land Rover Defender 90 has a two-door layout. Even so, it can accommodate up to (6) six people.


To summarise, the engaging design and engineering integrity of the new Land Rover Defender makes it highly functional, durable, and extremely tough.

Furthermore, we now know what the next move is from jaguar Land Rover since they announced that after 68 years of production, the final Land Rover Defender would roll off the production line at the factory in Solihull, Birmingham.

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