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Electric Cars Info Guide

Thinking about buying an electric car? The first step is researching the latest news and browsing through some accurate reviews about the different types of battery powered EV models.

This section will help beginners learn which EVs are available in 2022 and how to find the best electric vehicle to suit your particular lifestyle.

Basic Information about Electric Vehicles

Simply put, automobiles driven on the highways that get their power from an electric battery and/or motor will be one of the following;

No matter whether you buy one of the battery electric cars, an electric car, or one of the modern all-electric cars, at least one electric motor will propel it (e.g. using energy stored inside batteries).

So, what are some of the main differences between electric vehicles and those powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE)? Evs are much quieter and they have no exhaust emissions... meaning they generally produce lower emissions.

Furthermore, owning and running a modern electric vehicle (e.g. fueling and maintenance costs) should be less expensive than the equivalent ICE car.

Charging Plug-In Electric Vehicles

In most cases, you will be able to charge your electric car at a charging station. This has become easier now that companies are installing charging stations at domestic properties as well as in the usual public areas (e.g. from the electric grid).

As a result, some countries have also introduced legislation to gradually end the sales of cars that run on fossil-fuel. The main objective for doing so is to reduce the effects of air pollution.

Which leads us to...:

Early EV models boasting widespread adoption included the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Yet, the Tesla Model 3 was the first electric car to achieve one million sales (globally).

Before You Buy an Electric Car

If you've decided to buy an electric vehicle you are not alone. In fact, the number of new EVs becoming available for ownership is increasing at a fast pace - with more than thirty unique models released in the first few months of 2022.

Nonetheless, the range (e.g. how far you will be able to travel before you need to recharge it) is likely to be your first major consideration.

Second, refuelling an EV might result in you having to make some basic home improvements to facilitate charging an electric vehicle.

But wait - there's more...

Some of the newest electric car models are 'relatively' expensive (e.g. those that fall into the luxury niche). You can use the list of EVs below as a buying guide. The basic information will help you find the best value-for-money electric vehicle that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Electric Vehicles List (EVs)

Cheapest Electric Vehicles 2022


Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle 2022With a starting price around £21,990, you might consider the Nissan Leaf as being the cheapest electric vehicle available for purchase.

Moreover, 149 to 226 miles is the estimated range stated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and it is eligible for federal plug-in tax credit (USA).

The innovative small 2011 four-door hatchback model was among the first of the fully electric vehicles available when they rolled it out in North America.

Some of the improvements achieved over the last ten years, such as the fast-charging port and portable 240-volt Level 2 charging cable, have increased its range with various other safety features. Similarly, its sibling - the Nissan Leaf Plus - boasts a larger 62-kWh battery that provides it with a longer range.


Mini Cooper SE Hardtop 2022The starting price for the Mini Cooper SE is around £29,500. It has an estimated range of 114 miles and it qualifies for federal plug-in tax credit (USA).

Buying a Cooper SE Hardtop used to be the cheapest way to buy an electric car (EV) in America. Yet, the Nissan Leaf 2022 has since undercut the cost of BMW's two-door, four-seat hatchback.

Most electric vehicles reviews won't hesitate to point out the 'relatively' limited range of the MINI. But, motorists looking for a cheap way to conduct their daily commute may find this sporty model ideal.

With its sporty looks and driving manners, 181-hp electric motor (good for 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds) and small size, the Cooper SE Hardtop could appeal to shoppers looking for a fun urban runabout or second car.

The 181-hp electric motor is capable of 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds and it will take around four (4) hours to charge the 32.6-kWh battery with 7.4 kilowatts of AC on a Level 2 home or public charger.

Note: Another section contains a review of the MINI Electric concept car when BMW first revealed it at the Frankfurt Auto show in 2017.