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Land Rover 4WD Off-Road Adventure

Land Rover celebrates more than sixty five years of iconic strength and ruggedness in the motoring industry.

Its toughness and versatility is easily recognised as one of the world's top four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles capable of hard work and exciting adventures.

Land Rover's legendary prowess is experienced on every continent and respected for its involvement in challenging expeditions and providing humanitarian support in the harshest of conditions.

The Land Rover Off-Road 4x4 provides exceptional all-round enjoyment in a 4WD which is specially crafted to tow more, perform better, and carry more load than similar vehicles in its class.

The unmistakable Land Rover series has evolved into an icon which is robust but retains its comfortable and enhanced cabin interior.

Land Rovers simply combine practicality with ruggedness in three models including the Pickup, Hard Top, and Station Wagon.

Jaguar Land Rover iconLand Rover Hard Top

The Hard Top Model is also available in 90 and 110 wheelbases but this outstanding vehicle offers supreme functionality with dependable load-carrying capability.

Jaguar Land Rover iconLand Rover Pick Up

The Land Rover Single Cab Pick Ups are available on 90 and 110 wheelbases and absolutely ideal for those who want the comfort of a cabin which is isolated from the load space compartment.

Jaguar Land Rover iconLand Rover Station Wagon

Station Wagons rarely appear on the market displaying the compact qualities of this Land Rover with varying seating capacities (up to seven) depending on the wheelbase measurements.

Jaguar Land Rover iconJaguar Land Rover Defender

Has the Land Rover Defender been taken off road for ever? Following 68 years of production the final Land Rover Defender rolls off the line but what will happen next for JLR?

Jaguar Land Rover's classic, and maybe the most recognizable box-shaped off-road vehicle, gets knocked out of the ring and leaves its devoted fans pondering the end of an era.

Note: Another section lists seven of the best Land Rover Defender alternatives that are also available for purchase in the United Kingdom.

Jaguar Land Rover iconLand Rover Series II Restomod

Using restomod treatment (e.g. modern parts and technology) to restore old classics is not something we see a lot of in the United Kingdom.

So, here's our review of a 1960s Land Rover Series II restomod and how it turned out after Himalaya 4x4 chopped off the roof and added a modern powertrain to the legendary SUV.

Land Rover iconLand Rover Defender 2020

Of course, it needs to have awesome off-road ability, durability, and ruggedness. But, what are the features that make the new Land Rover Defender 2020 worth buying and how much does it cost?

Range Rover iconRange Rover

Range Rover Sport - Find out why the Range Rover Sport was the most stolen SUV in the UK during 2015. The most desirable vehicle for car thieves may be a little surprising, but you are unlikely to be shocked by the hottest area in the country to steal it.

The Range Rover, Discovery and Freelander

Range RoverRange Rover









Discovery HSE - Zambezi SilverDiscovery HSE - Zambezi Silver





The FreelanderThe Freelander










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