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Dacia Duster Commercial 4x4

Ample loading space and practical workability are two of the primary features behind what is being dubbed as the most affordable 4x4 van in the United Kingdom.

Our review of the new Dacia Duster Commercial highlights its usefulness along with the off-road capabilities of the 4-wheel drive model.

Adaptability in a Light Commercial Vehicle

The makers describe this popular LCV as being a "ready for anything" kind of van.

Well, two large roof bars and new 16-inch wheels help to prepare it for various uses and muddy terrains.

The combination of the bold front grille, extra side protection, and skid plates all add to the mix.

Other standard features include an anti-theft alarm, fitted wooden floor, a load compartment cover, and rubber floor mats.

There are several Dacia Duster Commercial models and colours to choose from. But, you could get a payload up to 350 kilograms if you max out the spacious loading area.

Plus, you might also save money through the flat rate road tax each year when buying a Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) in the United Kingdom.

Pro Tip: Check out our "Van Tax Guide" for more information about how taxing a van works and the penalties for not paying the correct amount.

Small Vans Designed for Business

The Dacia Duster Commercial is a small van that responds with dominance, no matter whether you are exploring lesser used county roadways or cruising the motorways.

Other safety features include:

Automatic Headlight Activation

The use of a photoelectric sensor, sometimes mounted on top of the dashboard, means the headlights will come on "automatically" when needed.

Speed Limiter Cruise Control

Despite being one of the most affordable small vans on the market, the Duster Commercial comes with a pre-set speed limiter. Hence, you can set the maximum speed limit that you want - or need - to travel.

Note: The anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are standard safety features fitted to all versions.

Dacia Duster Commercial Interior

One surprising factor of this small size van is how the spacious interior seems to complement the storage space.

Passenger Space Specifications

The manufacturers of the Duster Commercial claim to offer 140cm of front elbow room and a whopping 138cm of front shoulder width.

Dacia Duster Commercial 4x4 Review for the United KingdomIn reality, there is no shortage of space in the cockpit for the driver and a passenger.

Loading Dock Capacity

So, what about the all-important boot compartment of the Dacia Duster Commercial?

In fact, you can get up to 1623 litres of storage on the 4x2 (2WD) version and 1559 litres on the 4WD van.

It seems the spacious rubber lined loading area is purpose built for carrying work tools and equipment.

The Duster Essential Commercial TCe90 4x2 comes as a petrol - or the Blue dCi115 4x4. Whereas, the Expression Commercial TCe150 4x2 (with EDC automatic transmission) has 4x2 and 4x4 options.

Dacia Duster Commercial Interior

Very few 4x4 vans have comfortable seating, and even fewer have plush seats. But, that's exactly what you get - along with lateral supports, armrests, dense foam, and long cushions.

The Duster Commercial's infotainment and multimedia systems include (for compatible devices):

The on-the-road (OTR) price for the Dacia Duster Commercial Essential TCe 90 4x2 MY23 starts at £19,324 for vehicles sold in the United Kingdom.

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