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Škoda iconŠkoda Enyaq Electric SUV

Several features impressed our team when Škoda's first electric SUV hit the news. Yes, it's stylish and the interior is definitely spacious. But, technology is the part that really made the grade.

This review of the Skoda Enyaq explains why the new Crystal Face and state-of-the-art driver-assistance systems make it ideal for city traffic and long relaxing journeys away from urban chaos.

Innovation and Safety Comes as Standard

It's fair to say that almost all 4WD and SUV manufacturers make some claim of being industry leaders for safety.

So, we decided to put Skoda's attestation about their driver-assistance systems to the test.

Here's the thing:

Having nine airbags working in tandem with the three-point seat belts certainly helps to protect the occupants.

As a consequence, guess what happens if you can't avoid a collision? The Crew Protect Assist prepares passengers for impact by closing the windows and activating the pretensioning of the belts.

Then, the Multi-Collision Brake function helps to reduce the risk of uncontrolled vehicle movement and multiple collisions

Driving the Skoda Enyaq in the City

The radar monitors operate best on built up roads, such as those found in major cities. The Front Assist system can either alert the driver or it can stop the car altogether.

Furthermore, the Collision-Avoidance Assist feature helps drivers carry out evasive manoeuvres. In other words, this innovative device helps you drive round an obstruction in the road.

Whereas, Turn Assist is a useful feature when you want to turn right (in the United Kingdom). In a nutshell, if it monitors the immediate danger of an oncoming vehicle, it brings the vehicle to a complete stop.

Cruising the Highways in a Skoda Enyaq

If you're one of those car owners puzzled by the discontinuation of the ever popular Skoda Yeti 4x4, the Karoq or the Enyaq could prove to be worthy replacements.

In fact, motorway driving may never be the same again! The Enyaq's systems are in constant standby mode to handle many of the tasks.

Skoda Enyaq Electric SUV Review for the United KingdomTravel Assist is one of those features that integrates several systems and functions to increase your comfort during every journey. Upon activation, it can:

Front and Back LED Lights

One of the hallmarks of the all-new Škoda Enyaq electric has to be the efficient full LED lights - at the front and back.


Well, the primary advantage of having full LED headlights is the Matrix function. So, lighting up and extinguishing the individual LED sources in sequence can reduce "dazzling" for other road users.

Thus, the driver is able to keep the powerful full beam turned on all the time. Whereas, the Top full LED tail lights facilitate the dynamic rear indicators.

Parking with Rear Traffic Alert

In fact, Rear Traffic Alert does exactly what it says. It can detect when another car is approaching, such as when exiting a line of cars, and it alerts you in a timely fashion.

So, what about the Park Distance Control Manoeuvre Assist function? Simply put, it helps drivers avoid hitting any obstacles when they're manoeuvring in tight spaces.

In case you were wondering...

The UK price for the electric Škoda Enyaq 60 starts around £40,000 and includes 19 inch Proteus alloy wheels, 13 inch touchscreen, and rear camera.

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