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Bentley SUVBentley Bentayga SUV

BENTLEY BENTAYGA UK: This is a worthy contender for the world's most opulent SUV. It also happens to be one which matches an Aston Martin for speed and a Range Rover for off road driving capabilities.

Bentayga got created to transport their envied vehicle owners to the most extraordinary places on earth. The Bentley SUV specs have undeniably taken them to a whole new class.

It is one of the newest conceptions from the refined car-maker. They crafted this vehicle to a level unattained before in four-wheel drive cars (4x4).

The latest Bentley Bentayga specs have an enviable range of options and opportunities to personalize. Its ground-breaking technology has opened up new experiences with unprecedented power and speed.

The efficiency of this model sets standards in the SUV sector which stretch the imagination to its limits. It fills any expert auto maker's review with superlatives of luxury and performance.

Bentley Bentayga Specs: Power and SpeedBentley Bentayga Specs: Power and Speed

Have Bentley created the world’s most powerful as well as fastest SUV? It certainly appears so when you review its tech-laden engine and running gear.

Bentley Bentayga - Power and SpeedThen you compare its opulence - perhaps to the Audi Q7 or Porsche Cayenne. The German based Volkswagen Group has delivered a gifted and special Bentley for its endearing followers.

The Bentayga runs on a brand-new twin-turbocharged 6-litre W12 engine. We understand, for the time being, this power house is exclusive to the SUV.

But, it seems bound for the next-gen Continental and Flying Spur models.

It produces 600 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque (achieved while idling at 1,350rpm).

Bentley owners will most likely know that it features dual cam phasing for responsiveness. The oil system got designed to accommodate a 35-degree tilt in any direction.

The environmentalists will also be keen to learn that its cylinder deactivation feature got added to cut fuel consumption under light load.

Bentley SUV (0 - 60mph = 4 Seconds)

Bentley claim the SUV sprints from zero to sixty miles per hour in only four seconds. There are few doubters, based on the reputation and prominence in the auto industry.

Nonetheless, weighing only 5,379 lbs. it power and speed continues to a dizzy 187mph at the far end of the gauges. This makes the Bantayga quicker than the incredibly fast Aston Martin Vanquish Volante.

Can you believe that it also boasts a bigger back seat and the unparalleled ability to tow a 7700lb trailer?

When you take it off-road, if you dare, this beast is heroic. It handles a multitude of obstacles and hurdles with ease. Mud, rocks, wet grass, snow, ice, and thigh-deep water-filled rubble.

This Bentley SUV takes it all in its 'rather expensive' stride. Yet, with unflagging capabilities.

Bentley SUVBentley Bentayga SUV Interior Trim

Bentley Bentayga Interior TrimThe Bentayga SUV interior trim has an unequivocal knack of making most other SUVs look like the inside of a 1977 Ford Escort.

All touchable surfaces feel almost too good to touch. The whole interior cabin smells like the inside of an expensive Barker Black Ostrich or Berluti.

There are too many exuberant options to mention. Yet, rest assured that Bentley's leather hide and wood artisans will adorn your cabin with opulence and decadence.

Optional dashboard clocks are available. But, reports suggest they get handcrafted at a rate of four each year.

The Breitling for Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon comes in white or rose gold. It sits in a small divot atop the center console. There is a mechanism behind the clock face which spins the timepiece 'periodically' to keep its mechanical apparatus wound.

The Bentayga is so impressive and refined it even comes with an optional picnic hamper priced at £21,000.

Bentley Bentayga Price ReviewBentley Bentayga SUV Price Tag

We couldn't complete our review of the Bentley Bantayga without mentioning the price tag. Of course, if need to know the cost of the Bentayga SUV, then you probably can't afford one at the moment.

The manufacturer recommended retail prices (RRP) for the new Bentley Bentayga start from £160,200 (including VAT).

Despite the astronomical pricing, the Bentley Bentayga has a 12-month waiting list. That is according to the factory in Crewe, UK. This is where around 5,000 lovingly built Bentleys emerge during a typical year.

SUV 4x4 owners and car connoisseurs might argue that 'most expensive' does not always mean best. But this time - maybe it does!

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