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SUV is Most Stolen Car

Car Theft in Britain - Find out which luxurious SUV was the most desirable car for stealing in 2015 and we reveal the hottest area for stolen cars in the United Kingdom. *Statistics are according to Tracker car security systems.

TRACKER - Car Tracking and Security SystemsTRACKER Network (UK) are specialists in car, van, and fleet vehicle tracking devices.

They have been the country's leading stolen vehicle recovery expert for more than twenty years. Consider fitting a tracking device to your car!

The company has nationwide support from all police forces around the UK, which means they have the best possible chance of retrieving your vehicle if it gets stolen.

Most Stolen SUV: Range Rover Sport

It's official - the most frequently stolen car during 2015 in the United kingdom has been revealed as the luxury SUV Range Rover Sport.

When Tracker released the list of cars which had been taken without permission from their owners, the UK firm also confirmed that they had returned a staggering £12.5 million worth of vehicles to their rightful owners during the same twelve month period.

According to Tracker's figures, car thieves are also drawn to the larger Autobiography and Vogue models too.

The criminals appear to have a taste for British-built SUVs.

The principle reasons why the popular Range Rover Sport holds the number one spot for being the most stolen car in 2015, are down to its fast engines.

Indeed, even the diesel range is renowned for being one of the most potent and throaty off-roaders.

Some analysts also point out that the sports-tuned chassis provides an exciting drive - is that something that even a car thief would find desirable?

Desirable Cars for Thieves

One thing is clear - vehicle trends exist amongst car thieves around the country and new models are particularly at risk of theft. Of the thousands of vehicles stolen every day, certain brands are more sought-after.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the figures for the top ten cars stolen also revealed that the Range Rover Vogue came in as the third most stolen vehicle during the same year.

Another premium SUV, the BMW X5, slots in between the two Range Rovers at number two on the stolen cars list.

Car Crime Hot Spots

Range Rover Sport SUVQuite simply the top three hottest areas for stolen cars are as we expected.

  1. Greater London - Takes the top spot for car crime where thieves prowl for expensive Range Rovers
  2. Greater Manchester - Comes in at number two (take extra care if you own a Mercedes-Benz)
  3. West Midlands - Occupies the third spot for the most popular area for stealing vehicles

Vehicle Security Tips

Car Tracker and Alarm

The information and data above shows which cars be particularly at risk so perhaps you should consider fitting a tracker device and car alarm. Somewhat surprisingly, not all new cars have an alarm fitted as standard but they are a great deterrent.

Park Securely

Car thieves generally avoid high-risk areas, so where you park your vehicle can make the difference between thieves targeting yours, or walking past.

Conceal Keys and Valuables

It is not uncommon for criminals to break inside a house before grabbing a set of car keys. Don't leave keys visible from outside, giving opportunist car thieves an excuse to make a quick smash and grab.

CCTV and Window Etching

CCTV systems are not too expensive these days and installing a camera on your driveway might be all the deterrent a shy thief needs. Even a dummy CCTV camera is better than nothing.

Etching the car windows might sound old fashioned but many expensive cars are stolen to export abroad. Having a UK registration plate marked onto the glass could pose questions that could see the thieves collared - they may not want to take that risk.

Vehicle Locks

By locking your doors as you drive you won't allow would-be carjackers to get into your car during your journey.

Steering wheel locks may be considered as old-school technology but how many of today's car thieves will know how to remove one in a hurry? It is easy to forget locking all the doors, especially when being distracted by kids or out shopping.

Be sure to press the lock button on the remote because car thieves always check door handles before considering a car break-in.

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