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Citroen e-Dispatch Electric Van

As the advances in all-electric vehicles shift to delivery trucks, business owners should gain from extended range, 100% efficient driving, and practical charging solutions.

This review of the Citroën ë-Dispatch Electric explains why this spacious cargo carrier could be an ideal workhorse with some eco-friendly benefits to boot.

How Long is the Citroen E-Dispatch Van?

Along with a range of Citroen 4x4 models, their new modular platform for this closed truck means they can offer two tailored versions.

So, much like the diesel Citroen Dispatch range, the all-electric version is available in two lengths:

Note: They put the battery in the chassis for extra loading capabilities.

As a result, the amount of useful loading performance starts from 4.6 cubic metres and goes all the way up to 6.6 cubic metres in the XL version.

Plus, Citroen's Moduwork® facility maximises the space and versatility via the load-through bulkhead and folding side passenger seat, resulting in:

Furthermore, the comfort mode of the Citroën ë-Dispatch Electric sets it apart from many other electric vans in a similar price range. For example, you get:

Guilloché Metal Automatic Gearbox

You get three control positions from the automatic gearbox, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive (forward). The two backlit pushes include:

Plus, there are three driving modes at the disposal of the driver:

Range of the Citroen E-Dispatch Electric

The battery life of Citroën ë-Dispatch Electric allows for coverage of:

There are two battery sizes and both are guaranteed for eight (8) years or 100,000 miles for 70% of its charge capacity.

Pro Tip: The Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) is a global standard used to determine levels of pollutants, carbon dioxide emissions, and the fuel consumption of traditional cars, hybrid cars, and the range of fully electric vehicles.

Simple and Practical Charging Choices

The retailers of Citroën 4x4 cars in the United Kingdom will be able to introduce their customers to the charging partner, called Pod Point.

The main role of Pod Point is to supply and install accelerated wall boxes (i.e. charging points). They already have approval for the UK Government workplace charging grant.

Using the Load Hatch

Drivers will find the charging hatch located on the left front fender of Citroën ë-Dispatch Electric van. A coloured light diode helps you follow the simple charging process:

  1. White for home mode.
  2. Flashing green led for charging in progress.
  3. Green led when charging is complete.
  4. Blue led for delayed charging.

You can choose to schedule a charge or you can defer it (e.g. if you qualify for off-peak hours tariffs). Access to the programming is available on the My Citroën app as well as the touchscreen tablet located in the passenger compartment.

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Citroen e-Dispatch Electric Van Price in the United KingdomCitroën ë-Dispatch Electric Van Price in the United Kingdom: £25,053 to £42,380*

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