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Suzuki SUV 4x4 Cars

Suzuki SUV Car Models - Suzuki's exciting range of Sports Utility Vehicles and classy off-roaders rarely fail to meet the expectations of drivers UK-wide and beyond.

Suzuki car manufacturers are constantly moving forward to meet the demands of our changing lifestyles.

The Suzuki brand name is seen and respected on the full range of sports utility cars, motorcycles, family automobiles, outboard motors and tangent products like motorized wheelchairs and heavy industrial equipment.

Their trademark is recognized throughout the world as a brand of superior quality offering reliability and originality.

Suzuki stands stoutly behind this global symbol with unmatched determination of delivering confidence and creating advanced value products.

Suzuki Heritage and Background

Originating in business as Suzuki Loom Works in 1909, the firm was incorporated a few years later in 1920.

The foundation has grown around the world steadily and famously since then and is now based in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Suzuki flourished after the Second World War principally due to its motorized bike manufacturing.

Their motorcycles earned a good reputation which continued with their 125cc 'Colleda' model. Suzuki's pioneering continued into the lightweight car industry with their 'Suzulight' range which helped to stimulate Japan's automotive revolution.

It has to be said that Suzuki has a enviable reputation by many, and their epoch-making right has come about predominantly due to their sustained development and manufacturing of the most advanced technologies during those periods.

Suzuki have well over a century of engineering milestones in the motoring industry impregnated firmly behind them.

The future is looking even more exciting with respect to their exciting range of SUVs and 4x4 Crossovers. It could be argued that the reason is because they make products that people - and British drivers - want in their lives.

Suzuki SUV Cars and 4x4 Crossovers


Suzuki Swift 4x4The Suzuki Swift has few natural rivals in this range of low budget 'supermini' hatchback light off-roaders and is one of the best small 4x4s on the road.

The Japanese sporty compact crossover delivers low running costs with assured handling for a range of typical road conditions and countryside around the UK.

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Suzuki SX4 S-Cross CarGood value for money is an overused phrase in sports utility crossovers. Yet, the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross proves its worth.

The Suzuki SX4 S-Cross comes with a choice of highly efficient petrol and diesel engine power units and a worthy contender for small 4x4 of the year.

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Suzuki iconSUZUKI IV-4

Suzuki iV-4 SUV Car

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Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV 2016

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