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Lotus Eletre Hyper SUV Review

Lotus is recognised as being an outstanding designer of sports cars with remarkable achievements in automobile engineering for well over seventy years.

This review of the all-electric Lotus Eletre SUV highlights its striking and progressive principles and how "active aerodynamics" take it to a new level in 2023.

New Eletre Aerodynamics: Carved by Air

The 2023 Lotus Eletre SUV embraces the tried and tested DNA of the Emira and the Evija hypercar.

A unique network of ducts and vents channel air aerodynamically over - and through - its distinctive bodywork.

Furthermore, adjusting the position of responsive shutters and spoilers offers the driver the ability to boost the Eletre's speed, handling, and driving range.

The all-electric, all-wheel-drive, Eletre is the first Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV for short) released by Lotus (a British automotive company based in Norfolk, England). They say we should be pronouncing it as 'El Etra' and they say its definition means 'coming to life'.

Intelligence and Performance Combined

The genuine Lotus experience is a combination of active dynamics with structural rigidity. Then, add the perfect blend of power and torque and the result is what you would expect from any of the Lotus models.

Some of the Lotus car reviews say the Eletre seems lower than anticipated with an 'aggressive' appearance at the front.

Nonetheless, official performance data states it can do 0-100km/hour in 2.95 seconds, a top speed of 260 km/h, and a driving range of 600 kilometres.

Lotus Eletre Hyper SUV Review 2023Eletre's Design and Bodywork

We understand there will be an option to upgrade the aero wheels from the standard twenty one inch alloys. Thus, the bigger blades should help to reduce extra drag.

The slope of the panoramic roof line seems to be a little less dramatic and less aggressive than the grille. Moving to the back end, reaching a certain speed will deploy a pop-up rear spoiler.

The carbon fibre spoiler has three stages that seem to 'float' with a cantilever design as it channels air downward.

Lotus Eletre Interior and Infotainment

Some would argue that the electric SUV needed to excel on the inside. Most of the previous Lotuses were light on interior goodies and plush features.

The illusion of lightness is achieved by reducing surfaces on the inside. The floating wingtips sit comfortably on top of the dashboard and creates a 'shrink wrapped' feeling in the cockpit.

It's fair to say that dashboard sections on some modern sports utilities are often big and clumsy. Yet, the Eletre's interior seems more compact and less cumbersome.

Lotus Eletre Electric SUV Interior and Infotainment Review.You'll find all the important instruments housed inside a slim strip (30mm in height). The effect minimises information needed by the pilot.

The augmented reality head-up display (AR HUD) comes as standard. The 15.1 inch central touchscreen (as used in the Mercedes S-Class) is also the latest generation of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED).

An interior light bar communicates with the driver and brings important alerts to their attention, such as for:

Note: Despite having multi-sensory infotainment, it does have the potential to irk or irritate. In some cases, the driver may prefer to reduce some of the technology to create a less 'hi-tech' interior environment.

Lotus Eletre Audio and Seating Capacity

Named after Kent Engineering and Foundry, KEF is the specialist supplying powerful bespoke audio for the 2023 Lotus Eletre Sports Utility Vehicle. Options include a 1,500-watt and a 23-speaker system.

Plastic is not a strong feature inside the car. Furthermore, analogue buttons adjust the setting for climate control and for the drive mode functions.

Lotuses are not limousines - and never will be! Even so, buying the Eletre in 2023 when it becomes available will offer you a choice of seating for either four (4) or five (5).

Lotus Eletre SUV 2023 Price Range2023 Lotus Electric SUV Price Range: £80 - 100,000*

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