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Volkswagen I.D. Buzz ReviewVolkswagen I.D. Buzz Review

VW made the decision to introduce the electric Kombi or 'Bulli' version and will call it the I.D. BUZZ. Having already started its development they also announced a time plan for a release date.

The VW I.D. BUZZ will be cruising the roads by 2022. There will be a compact I.D. released beforehand that features four doors.

Both models will belong to the I.D. family and both will be fully electric models. Primary markets will be North America, China, and Europe.

The next e-generation of Volkswagen is becoming a reality. Redefining the electric VW Bulli is part of the process.

So, why is VW relaunching the classic Kombi van as electric vehicle? There is no doubt it will please many of its devoted followers. But, most of the inspiration comes from its much-loved camper van.

The last classic VW Kombi rolled off the production line in Brazil back in 2013. The new microbus debuted at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2018.

They honoured the Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ as 'Show Car of the Year'. Since then, the German car maker has been inundated with supplications to 'build this car'.

Despite hitting the road in 2022, there are no immediate plans to produce a camper version. But, there will be a cargo version of the van.

VW I.D. Buzz Specifications

Where will the batteries be - I hear you ask? In fact, post production models will have batteries situated on the vehicle floor. The concept vehicle will measure close to five meters long by 1.97 meters wide.

Like most sports utility vehicles and crossovers, its height of 1.96 meters will give it plenty of road clearance.

VW Kombi Electric Bulli Concept Car ReviewThe front and rear axle have significant distance between them. Because the electric drive requires very little space it will have a large wheelbase.

The electric VW Bulli is quite short, much like a compact van. But, it still offers buyers plenty of room inside like a transporter.

VW's aim was to offer a package that offers driver and passenger comfort without sacrificing internal space.

Besides the bus version, they will also produce an I.D. Buzz Cargo.

All you will need to open the door of the new microbus will be a wave of the hand. Having electric motors at both ends means there is no shortage of interior space. Is that forward thinking for easy conversion to touring camper vans?

Symbolizing emission-free deliveries (as a level-3 vehicle) it should exceed in automated driving. The Chairman of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles claims it's an ideal electric transporter concept - especially for city centers.

Brief History of the Volkswagen Kombi

The VW Kombi first went into production in 1950, even though they called it the 'Bulli' in Germany. They designed the original as a 'jack-of-all-trades' van. But it became most associated with hippies and outdoor camping.

In fact, Volkswagen didn't offer them decked out with cookers and seats that converted into beds as a standard production model. That transformation came from an engineering firm called Westfalia-Werke.

They have the honour of turning the VW into a home and creating the first 'Camping Box'. It was so successful that the company became the designated subcontractor of VW for converting basic Kombi vans into campers.

Daimler-Chrysler now owns Westfalia-Werke (having renamed to Westfalia Mobile). The company still converts camper vans, including the much-loved VWs. But, it remains unclear whether the two will resurrect the historic connection of both companies.

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