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VOLKSWAGEN CARS: VW car manufacturer maintains that 'no two Volkswagen cars are exactly alike'. But, Volkswagen group insist that every VW share exactly the same legendary reliability.

There is no denying that VW use a unique combination of automation and human skill.

It is a 'win win' conglomeration which combines to create superb SUV and 4x4 Volkswagens.

Modern Volkswagen cars provide a full array of new VW models including SUV and 4x4 variants.

A glimpse into the future of driving Volkswagen cars shows a world of pioneering innovation.

Volkswagen 2016 is still the flagship marque of the Volkswagen Group. At the time of writing it remains as the largest automaker worldwide.

Volkswagen Heritage and Background

The German automaker is still headquartered in Wolfsburg from its first founding in 1937. Back then the German auto industry focused on luxury models during the 1930s. It was a time when most Germans could only afford to buy a cheap motorcycle.


VW Set to Launch Electric Ute

If it goes ahead as planned, launching their first all-electric off-road utility truck will take place under its former sub-brand of the 1960s 'Scout' name.

There are several reasons why they will build it in the US. First, 'Scout' looks set to become a brand in its own right. Plus, it will be competing with the likes of Audi 4x4 models, Porsche sports cars, and Škoda.

As much as anything, the opportunity to enter the pick-up and R-SUV segment will come to fruition after electrifying the brand. The Volkswagen R badge indicates a vehicle is a sport or high performance model.

Volkswagen iconVOLKSWAGEN I.D. BUZZ

Volkswagen Tiguan SUV 2016VW made the decision to introduce the electric Kombi or 'Bulli' version and will call it the I.D. BUZZ.

Having already started the development phase they also announced a time plan for its release.

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Volkswagen Tiguan SUV 2016The longer and wider MK2 Volkswagen Tiguan compact crossover is in a class of its own. The name is a mash of the words 'tiger' and 'iguana'.

This premium Volkswagen Tiguan Compact Utility Vehicle is not lacking in space, powerful engines, or impressive technology.

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Pro Tip: Another section spotlights the history and timeline of the Amarok variants from 2010 through to the present day.

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