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4x4 Off Road Courses by County

4X4 OFF ROAD SITES: Buying the 4WD, quad bike, or trail bike is the first part. The next step is finding an answer to 'where can I drive my 4x4 off road' in the United Kingdom?

Most counties have a quiet piece of moorland tucked away from the city chaos. At first glance, it might seem the perfect spot for some muddy off roading.

But, beware of those that have signs displaying 'Private Land: No Vehicles Allowed'.

'Other drivers do it' will be a poor defence if you get caught!

You might also be planning to drive off road on a disused railway line. Some county map research may reveal a local network of bridleways and footpaths near you.

Driving or riding on any of these off road sites could be breaking the law. Causing environmental damage to such places is serious. The police can confiscate your 4WD vehicle, quad bike, or trail bike.

UK law governs where you can (and where you cannot) drive on 4x4 off road sites. Of course, you can drive on the public roads. Some Byways Open to All Traffic 'BOATS' provide definitive vehicular rights for motorists.

Even so, the rules of the road still apply. That means you need a licence, vehicle insurance, and road tax. You need to wear helmets and take note of no-entry signs.

Note: Byways and any unclassified county roads are public highways. They may not have a tarmac surface. But, driving on these muddy green lane tracks is not real 'off roading' per se.

The complicated law for driving on 4x4 off road sites 'muddies the water' even further. The best advice we can offer is not to do it if you have any doubt whatsoever. But, driving or riding a motor bike on a bridleway, cycle track, or public footpath is illegal.

Likewise, you cannot drive on land without the express permission of the landholder. This applies to commons, country parks, derelict railways, forest, moorland, waste ground.

The UK road traffic laws now apply to many different types of motor vehicles. It applies to bikes (kid's bikes), buggies, karts, and quadricycles. All these vehicle types must be road legal if they get used in any public open spaces.

Counties with 4x4 Off Road Courses

4x4 Off Road Courses in Kent CountySome owners and drivers of 4x4s and SUV Crossovers also own their own land. That makes the task of finding the best off road adventure courses and circuits or tracks easy.

But, the rest of us may have to find a commercial motor sports site or join an off road club.

The most common 4x4 off road sites in Britain are the 'pay and play' centres. They are user organisations with a wealth of knowledge on using public rights of way. It is a good source for information on local byways and 'driveable' unsurfaced roads.

Going it alone will mean using Ordnance Survey maps. They are a useful guide, but hardly a definitive source of legal public rights of way where you can drive a 4x4 (or ride).

Public Rights of Way

Here's an extra tip for those who like exploring by themselves. Source out the map legend on the Explorer maps called 'Public Rights of Way'. It highlights footpaths and local bridleways that forbid driving or riding. But, you will also see:

Some motoring publications also provide information on where you can go 4x4 offroading. They often advertise 'pay and play' centres or off road practice sites in your county. These 4x4 courses are muddy and ideal circuits for practicing your driving skills.

Consequences of Illegal Off Roading

Note: Motor bikes, quads, and 4x4s create a lot of noise. Besides that, damage from unlawful off roading is often a public nuisance. Police will prosecute the worst offenders. That means they can seize and crush the vehicle.

List of 4x4 Off Road Sites Near You

Kent County iconKent 4x4 Off Road Clubs

The county of Kent in the south east of England has several 4x4 off road courses. There are also a few superb SUV clubs within easy reach of the county. We are compiling a list of green laning courses and muddy driving tracks in Kent.

They offer family fun experiences and serious off roading with your monster machine. Click through to check out the best off road driving Kent has to offer.

Surrey County iconSurrey 4x4 Off Road Clubs

The county of Surrey is one of Home Counties and situated due south of London. But, you can still find several 4x4 off road driving courses and clubs. They ooze driving entertainment and wild offroading adventures.

Check out the list of Surrey green lanes and tracks for off road driving experiences. These circuits offer serious offroading with your motorised behemoth.

Yorkshire 4x4 Off Road Driving Courses

Rothwell Off Road Centre - West Yorkshire4x4 Off Roading Yorkshire Courses and Tracks
4x4 Driving Experience Yorkshire

Rothwell Off Road Centre

The 4x4 off road center at Rothwell opens on the 10th of April (9am to 4pm)
The regular price is £20 per jeep with discounts for a group of 6 or more (£15 per jeep but conditions apply*).

FREE recovery is available all day. They have new tracks and some are easy, but some are very challenging because there is lots of deep water. The off-road course at Rothwell also allows 4x4 quads and 4x4 buggys.

Oulton, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Post Code LS26 8EX

Moorland Adventure Sport

Bickley Rigg Farm, Bickley, Langdale End, Scarborough, North Yorkshire,
YO13 0LL
Tel: 01723 882335 Fax: 01723 882375 Email:

Yorkshire 4x4 Training. Driver training. Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
01423 780594

Langdale Quest. Off-road site. Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
0844 482 2330

North Yorkshire Off-Road Centre. Driver training. Whitby, North Yorkshire.
01947 880371

Yorkshire 4x4 Ltd. Driver training. Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
0800 298 6488

Yorkshire Moors Off Road. Driver training. Stokesley, North Yorkshire.
01642 713274

Glen McKeith 4x4 Tuition. Driver tuition. Roundhay, Leeds.
0113 2949 050

Holme Valley 4x4. Driver training. Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
01484 661000

Parkwood Off Road Centre, Bradford, West Yorkshire.
01132 854356

Berkshire 4x4 Off Road

4x4 Off Roading Courses and Tracks in Berkshire.
Off Road Experience in Berkshire
Berkshire 4x4. Based in Reading, just 5 minutes from the M4 junction 11.
Our primary range of activities are based around off road driving events. However our full range of activities are there to test and extend every skill level. All activities are run by our own fully qualified staff.

Bristol 4x4 Off Road

4x4 Off Roading Courses and Tracks in Bristol - Avon
Listings of 4x4 courses and events in Bristol and Avon
Dundry Off Road (Bristol) 44 acres of courses and track (That's a lot) for 4x4 off roading enthusiasts or fun lovers. Jungle track, water obstacles, ups, downs and all the other things that make 4x4 off roading great fun - or an extreme challenge.
Bristol Bristol Off Road Driver Training Centre. Driver training. Norton Lane, near Bristol

Essex 4x4 Off Road

Off Roading in Essex 4x4 Courses and Tracks.
4x4 Fun at Essex Off Road Club
Essex, Rochford and District 4x4 - (Own courses). Creeksea Ferry Road,
Wallasea Island, Canewdon, SS4 2EY

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UK Off Road Driving Experiences

Off road driving is a very different driving skill than driving in towns or cities in the United Kingdom. It is hard to appreciate the differences between a smooth road surface and an unmade track. The best way to find out is to have a go and 'get it wrong' a few times.

Green laning needs a logical method of 'handling a 4x4 safely'. If you experience off road driving you will soon realise. It requires a different thought process to the way you would drive on normal roads.

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