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Jaguar F-Pace Review

New Jaguar F Pace SUV - The long-awaited arrival of Jaguar's elite crossover sports car gets taken through its paces in our first impression road test.

The Jaguar F-Pace SUV becomes the latest contribution emerging into an appealing range of luxury sport-utility vehicles by the British car maker based at Coventry in England, UK.

Insatiable Hunger for Luxury SUVs

It seems the insatiable hunger to own and drive a luxury sport-utility vehicle is stronger than ever.

Regular car sales took a dip in recent years, even though sales of light trucks and family crossovers continue to climb steadily.

Jaguar has finally found the will to join this profit potential with its handsome new Jaguar F-Pace SUV Crossover.

The Jaguar F-Pace 2016 SUV Crossover now joins the elite ranks of other global deluxe automakers like Porsche, Bentley Motors, and the unmistakable Maserati models.

Jaguar F-Pace Test for Pace

There is no denying that the Jaguar F Pace road test was a lot of fun to drive and easily impressed the pilot at the wheel.

It certainly has all the trademarks and outstanding pace of a top sports car, but there is so much more to appreciate about driving this first ever Jaguar SUV supercar. The new Jaguar F Pace has grace, pace, and space!

Jaguar Luxury gets Land Rover SUV

The distinguished marques of Jaguar and Land Rover cannot hide their complex histories before they merged. None more so than the ill-fated British Leyland conglomerate in 1968.

Even though they existed independently of each other for many years, as subsidiaries of BMW and Ford Motor Company, in 2008 Jaguar Land Rover became a wholly owned subsidiary of the automotive manufacturing company Tata Motors.

Jaguar F-Pace SUV 2016 Road TestMost 4x4 off-roaders will be all too familiar with the legacy of Land Rover for tough vehicles of reliability and endurance.

Despite that, or perhaps because of it, Jaguar has now proudly introduced their Jag-badged F-Pace SUV to the lineup.

We admit the SUV battlefield is getting crowded - a little less so at the top end of luxurious sport utility vehicles.

Nonetheless, when we took the Jaguar F-Pace First Edition through its paces, we soon realized how it will fill a niche in the market.

Having completed the Jaguar F-Pace review, the list of superlatives is a long one.

If we prioritize the conclusions we have to include great on-road dynamics and solid handling through the curves of the English countryside.

This top sports car becomes a formidable contender for ownership of luxury when you also consider what the F-Pace offers inside the cabin.

We found it to be surprisingly spacious and comfortable inside - as you would expect from a Jaguar. There seems to be an abundance of room in the rear and all the latest in safety accessories and technical add-ons come as standard.

Ground Clearance of the Jaguar F Pace

Perhaps the biggest accolade this stunning Jaguar SUV pays to its Land Rover sibling is its impressive lofty driving position.

The Jaguar F-Pace ground clearance boasts up to 8.4 inches with front and rear approach and departure angles of 25.5 degrees and 25.7 degrees.

In true Land Rover style the Jag F Pace wades through muddy water almost two feet high (up to 20.7 inches).

Jaguar F-Pace Interior Specs and Trim

Jaguar F-Pace Interior Specs and TrimAs our Jaguar F-Pace review moved inside the cabin, the smooth textures and plush surfaces are of sufficient high quality and finish expected in a costly German luxury SUV.

Some might suggest that the similarities run a little too close for comfort.

Perhaps being over critical but the Jaguar F-Pace interior specs and trim can feel somewhat unembellished and simplistic - almost like the inside of a 'corporate boardroom'.

Of course we may have lost the days of chrome-dipped J-gate shifters and opulent burl walnut forever, but the F-Pace interior and trim does seem a little excessive in its Teutonic characteristics and aesthetics.

Jaguar vehemently claim that the total cargo volume almost doubles that of the sumptuous Porsche Macan.

In their defence, we could easily fit three willing adult passengers in the back, even though the middle occupant was the smallest of the three.

We counted 14 variants of Jaguar F-Pace colours ranging from Polaris White (at no extra charge) to the premium metallic colour of Ingot costing around £1,700 extra.

Standard Jaguar F-Pace accessories does not include the InControl Touch Pro infotainment system. This is a real shame because the 10.2-inch touchscreen display is streets ahead of the old system that that tarnished Jaguar interior goodies in recent years.

There is whisper that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are in the offing for later F-Pace models.

Manpower of Jaguar F Pace Engines

The thrust and manpower of Jaguar F-Pace engines offer you a choice between a 3-litre supercharged petrol V6s, in 340- or 380-horsepower tune, or a throaty 2-litre turbocharged diesel in-line four.

The F Pace 2.0D performs stronger than its meager 180-horsepower rating, which must be due to a substantial 318 pound-feet of torque.

Other drive fitments include an 8-speed automatic transmission running alongside its intelligent all-wheel drive system. Jaguar’s masterful suspension tuning and lightweight aluminium chassis deliver unwavering driving responses.

Jaguar Blend of Sport and Utility

Having finally succumbed to releasing their first ever sports utility vehicle, Jaguar have made no secret about their ambitious plans for the future of the new Jaguar F-Pace.

Upon full production the deluxe car maker expects the JAG SUV Crossover to attain the rank of best-selling model around the world - although most notably in North America.

In fact, the company gurus of marketing anticipate that around 90% of those who purchase a Jaguar F-Pace will be virgin buyers to the brand.

Jaguar F-Pace Price UK

Jaguar F-Pace Prestige 2.0 Litre
4 Cylinder 180PS Turbocharged Diesel Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) Manual - On the Road Price £34,170.00

Jaguar F-Pace First Edition 3.0 Litre
V6 300PS Turbocharged Diesel All Wheel Drive (AWD) Automatic - On the Road Price £65,275.00

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