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It's fair to say the German car manufacturer Porsche is one of the most recognised and revered for the production of luxurious SUVs and sedans that are even more thrilling to drive.

This section contains links to a range of Porsche high-performance sports cars with further coverage of news items issued by Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited.

Origin and Historical Data about Porsches

Last time we checked, "the Volkswagen Group" owns Porsche and their headquarters is based in Stuttgart.

But, it was way back in 1931 when Ferdinand Porsche first founded the German auto brand.

This was when the German government contracted this Czech-German automotive engineer to create a vehicle for the masses.

Guess what? In later years, that particular vehicle turned out to be the highly esteemed Volkswagen Beetle.

After the end of World War II, Ferdinand's son - Ferry Porsche - started building his own car. Believe it or not, the fruits of his first creation ended up being the Porsche 356.


Porsche built a powerful version of the race car type 935 that would be street legal. They followed that with seven unique models of a gold-on-gold Porsche 959 for a wealthy sheikh in 1989.

When some of the best cars of the 1990s came along, the top spots of the Porsche model range came in the form of the iconic 911 Turbo S.

More recently...

Porsche's introduction of the Cayenne took place in 2002. This also spurred the unveiling of their new production facility located in Leipzig.

A few years later (around 2006), the Boxster became the best selling Porsche in North America. However, it didn't take long for the 911 to regain its number 1 position.


Porsche Unveils New All-Electric Macan

The all-new, all-electric Porsche Macan EV is coming... soon! After they released the Taycan battery electric saloon in 2020 (Porsche's first completely electric car), they have now unveiled the next SUV in line.

In fact, electrifying the Porsche lineup needs to get moving. The company plans to have electric vehicles as 80% of their global sales by the year 2030.

Pro Tip: The new Macan EV made its official debut on the 25th of January 2024 in Singapore and looks set to replace the best-selling combustion counterparts.

Leipzig Factory Celebrates its Two-Millionth Car

The special production milestone is a Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid. Its new owner, a customer in Dubai, chose the Madeira Gold Metallic version.

So, a celebration of Porsche's 2 millionth car combined with the start of production for the third generation of these high-performance sedans in Leipzig.

Panamera Turbo Sonderwunsch Unveiled in Shanghai

The German car manufacturer presented the third generation of the Panamera in a somewhat unique form for the debut.

As a result, besides the redeveloped model, they also released a one-off car for the Shanghai opening - the Panamera Turbo Sonderwunsch.





Porsche's best-selling car in 2016 was the Macan SUV model. Hence, there should be a lot of excitement if they release their new all-electric variant in the 2024 model year.

The ten year wait for the second-generation Macan is over. Porsche unveiled the all-new, all-electric Macan in Singapore on the 25th of January 2024.



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