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Tyre Tips for Electric Vehicles

The majority of motorists don't know the difference between standard tyres and those "specifically" made for EVs - and how it can save them money.

Even though an EV tyre is round and black, using special custom-made tyres for electric vehicles can extend the driving range and the battery life.

How Important is it to Use EV Car Tyres?

Last time we checked, about half a million EV owners are using them on the roads around the United Kingdom.

Yet, less than 10% of these motorists know about the importance of having custom-made electric vehicle tyres fitted to the wheels.

In a nutshell:

The electric vehicles guide for beginners highlights some of the major differences that manufacturers need to address.

But, because most EVs are notably heavier than conventional ICE cars (internal combustion engines), the tyres will be carrying much of the additional weight.

As a result, using non-EV tyres on an electric car will lack the compensation needed for the extra weight. In turn, doing so usually means they will wear out quicker - resulting in a shorter lifespan.

Data from Bridgestone UK suggests that some tyres contain less raw materials than others. In most cases, this results in a shortened rolling distance. But, Bridgestone's lightweight 'Enliten' technology offers extremely low rolling resistance.

And the result?

In most cases, their tyres offer excellent fuel efficiency, help to produce less carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), and improve the battery life for electric vehicles. Moreover, they estimate that using custom-made electric car tyres can extend the driving range (in some cases up to 12% extra).

Benefits of Using Electric Car Tyres

In recent years, more motorists are seeing cost benefits for changing over and buying an electric vehicle. Even so, some drivers are still not clear how using suitable tyres made for electric cars can save them money.

As a result, further development and innovation into 'airless tyres' is a new concept that our team is watching with interest.

And how does that work?

As you would imagine, the technology eliminates tyre inflation altogether. Thus, air does not support the weight of the vehicle.

Instead, a unique structure of spokes stretches along the internal side of the tyre wall. The result means there is less tyre maintenance required - meaning:

Note: Another section explains more about how Michelin updated their CrossClimate tyre range with extra safety benefits and improved sizes to complement a range of 4x4s and SUVs.

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