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Land Rover Series IIA Restomod

Using restomod treatment to restore a 1960s classic Land Rover Series II is not something we see a lot of in the United Kingdom.

So, here's a review of the end result after Himalaya 4x4 had finished chopping off the roof and adding a modern powertrain to a legendary SUV.

Series IIA Gets a Radical Design Change

Many, including our research team, have considered the iconic Land Rover as being an off-road legend for several decades now.

It laid the groundwork for most of its modern-day successes and the automaker still remains in a strong position going forward.

Most of that early success came from the classic models - including favourites like the Land Rover Series II.

Even so, many of the early versions are undergoing radical changes and redesigns.

The American firm Himalaya 4x4 is helping to restomod old classics through their restoration line. In a nutshell, restomod refers to the restoration of historic vehicles using modern versions of mechanical parts and technology (where it is required).

Pro Tip: Another section explains the principles used to classify classic or historic cars in law and for the purpose of free taxation according to HM Revenue and Customs.

Restomoding Old Land Rovers

The company (Himalaya) claims they are the premier aftermarket specialists in the restoration and modification (restomod) of vintage Land Rovers. To help prove the point, their portfolio includes open-air Series 2, Series 3, and Defenders.

They went for a powder blue finish for a recent project, the Land Rover Series IIA 88 restomod reviewed in this article. The iconic SUV was subject to a significant redesign - outfitted with some innovative technologies.

The Simplified Design is Deceiving

The vehicle retains the LV3 V6 engine built by General Motors. According to the restorers, it still pumps out 300 horsepower (223 kilowatts) and the powerhouse combines nicely with a 6L80-E six-speed automatic gearbox.

Land Rover Series IIA 88 Restomod Review for United KingdomAdditional fine-tuning includes a Fox suspension upgrade and a coil-sprung chassis for the rig to ride on.

Himalaya says they adjusted the suspension for better off-road driving capabilities.

They also installed an improved braking system (a disc brake conversion from Wilwood Engineering in California) for extra stopping power.

Greg Shondel is the company president of the American firm Himalaya, and he went on to say:

"Our new open-air Series builds are fantastic rigs for warm weather and tropical climates. The vehicle's unique aesthetic really stands out and speaks to a certain type of collector."

To Summarise

Even though it's still a Land Rover, the restomod version is cleaner and seems to be somewhat less complicated.

Yes... it has a chopped body. It also features the unmistakable upright windscreen. They finished off the rebuild with sharp lines and a simple, but classy, cab interior.

Having an open-air design means the remodelling exposes the interior to any inclement weather. Even so, it has an integrated Alpine stereo system (with Bluetooth connectivity).

In some ways, classic restomods can be a little too pristine for car owners who like to get their 4x4 sports utility dirty in the mud.

But, rest assured, the reconstructed Land Rover will tackle as much rough and muddy terrain as you can find - and there's no shortage of that in the United Kingdom.

Note: You're unlikely to buy a Himalaya 4x4 Land Rover restomod if a cheap price is important to you. Current prices are coming in around £250,000.

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