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SUV 4x4 Insurance Costs

Insuring 4WD SUV Cars - 4x4 insurance groups generally result in more expensive higher premiums for four-wheel drive off roaders and sports utility vehicles than those for regular cars.

Find out why that is so, and which 4x4 off-roader or crossover model is likely to cost you less money to insure as part of its running costs?

Whether you own a second hand SUV or looking to purchase a brand new model, you are going to need to insure it - and that's not cheap!

Sports utility vehicles with four-wheel drive generally cost more to buy, maintain, and insure. Filling up the tank may also cost more for many of these larger vehicles so we need other ways to save money.

Insuring a 4x4 SUV costs anything from 10 to 20 per cent more than a regular car. As a result, reducing your monthly motoring expenses means hunting around for the lowest priced 4x4 insurance groups quote you can find. Therefore, the best advice is to shop around for your insurance cover because rates for 4x4s vary considerably.

SUV 4x4 Insurance Groups - Why Higher than Cars?

Insurance rates for 4x4 off road vehicles have been rising steadily over the past 5 years. The reasons are simple - 4x4 vehicles cost more to repair than 'normal' cars and some 4x4 models are highly sought after by professional car thieves.

All this adds up to higher costs for insurance companies which of course are then passed on in the way of higher premiums. We were 'informed' by one reliable source from the insurance industry that premiums are higher for 4x4 and other luxury cars, because quote "they can afford it". Does that then suggest we subsidise the insurance of the masses?

Reasons for Steep 4WD Insurance Premiums

SUVs with Low Insurance Rates

This recent insurance data and rankings from insure.com are based on projections which reflect the trim level that is 'cheapest' to insure for the range of SUV manufacturing groups.

  1. Jeep Wrangler Sport 4WD two-door
  2. Jeep Patriot Sport 2WD
  3. Honda CR-V LX 4WD
  4. Dodge Grand Caravan
  5. Honda Odyssey LX
  6. Jeep Compass Sport 2WD
  7. Subaru Outback 2.5i AWD PZEV

Perhaps all four-by-four action utility vehicle owners need to start looking round a bit more for insurance quotes before you drive one off the dealer's lot. It seems that this will be the only way to drive down quotes for 4x4 insurance groups. One clear reason for the recent hike in 4WD SUV insurance rates is that the replacement costs after theft or write-off are much higher than normal cars.

SUV Specialist Insurers

Find specialist insurers in the United Kingdom and insurance quote information for 4x4 SUV vehicles.

So there you have it. All of the insuring factors show that whether you are a safe driver or not, owning an SUV is likely to result in higher insurance costs to the end user.

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