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Double Cab 4x4 Pickups and 4x4 Pickup Crew Cab Trucks

Information about current double or twin cab pickups available in UK - including Crew Cab 4x4.

The double cab pickups 4x4 multi purpose vehicle is well entrenched in the marketplace. We look at the main double cab 4x4 pickups which are available in the UK, with brief manufacturer's information, together with a growing database of user's observations.

Please remember, that Pickup trucks - 4x4 double cabs or not - are commercial vehicles and are liable to Commercial Vehicle VAT and together with that, if used as a company car, then there will be tax implications - as in the regulations for tax and company cars. You - or the tax man - may need to decide if your vehicle is a car or a van.

Double Cab Pickups

Not all double cab pickups are 4x4, but we will include those that are not, for comparisons sake. It could well be that you don't really need a 4x4 with its added expense that will be incurred.

Even if a 4x4 double cab vehicle, remember the fact that some are a bit light on the rear end - unlike their car body counterparts.

Nevertheless, the double cab pick-up is a great way to own a 4x4 at a lesser cost than a 4x4 car. Many of the twin cabs are to all intents and purposes, cars from the front, and cars from the interior! (But we won't labour on that point.)

Double cab pickup trucks and Crew cab vans are big business, with a large sector of the business market. This is so with public utility companies and also with small businesses. Any employer in the business of transporting staff, has a duty of care to ensure that those staff are transported efficiently and safely.

The days of banging a few guys in the back of a transit van are long gone - legally. Twin cab or double cab commercials such as pickup trucks are well suited to the task of moving staff and equipment about in one journey.

They have also been seen as a way of having a 'car' for private use that can also be used for work by small business employers. Or - a 'truck' that can be used for work, that also doubles as a car for the fishing and golfing trips at the weekend.

Double Cab is Double Use

Double cabs really come into their own with the private user, who simply wants a 4x4 vehicle, but at a lesser cost than the car alternative. The motor manufacturers are well aware of this market, so have made the interior and exterior of the modern pick up, as near to being a car as they can legally justify.

Basically, the pick-up truck has come of age and the manufacturers have been falling over themselves to fill this lucrative gap in the market.

A big thing in the 4x4 double cab's favour, is that it holds its value well - providing it has been looked after. Many have been used for short runs for most of their lives, so this is something that will need to be taken into consideration if buying a used 4x4 pick up.

Conversely, if you work in the construction trade and use a double cab 4x4 for your business, you will need to take extra care if you want a good re-sale price for your motor.

Listing and prices of popular Pickup trucks available in the UK with the official pickups models of available double cab 4x4 pick ups.