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Pickups and Pick Up Trucks

It is fair to say there are some pros and cons to buying a pickup. Even so, a significant growth in demand means drivers are starting to appreciate the practicality that a pick up can offer.

This section contains information about pickups available for purchase in the United Kingdom, and the differences between the double cab pick up and crew cab truck.

4x4 Pickups UK: Versatility with Comfort

The days when people "only" bought a pickup truck for towing trailers or hauling heavy cargo around the country are behind us.

Nowadays, motorists also use these big powerful vehicles for pulling a caravan, a horsebox, or even a powerboat.

Here's the thing:

The best selling pickup will have a large flat load area at the back. This makes them an ideal workhorse for transporting big bulky objects.

Some pick up owners use them for commercial purposes as well, such as for carrying construction materials. Plus, most modern pickup trucks have a tonneau cover to reduce exposure to the worst of the British weather.

Reasons Why Pickup Trucks are Popular

Versatility is the main reason why they're becoming more and more popular. Drivers can combine the usefulness of a light-duty truck for work with the comfort of a people carrier for the family.

In other words...

Most of the new pickup trucks - including many of the second hand pickups - provide the same internal space for passengers as standard road cars.

Plus, you also get the increased ride height of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) and a spacious loading bay behind the cabin.

Double Cab Pick Up vs. Crew Cab Truck

In general, the size of the cab determines whether it is an extended cab (double) or a crew cab (with four doors).

Most manufacturers of pickups build them with different cab sizes and with either two or four doors. Even so, the majority of pickup truck models have a single cab built for the driver and one (1) passenger (maximum 3 people seated in the front).

Double cab pickups (also called extended cabs) have some storage space behind the front row of seats. So, they only have two doors and there is no seating in the rear for any extra passengers.

A crew cab pickup (often called a king cab truck) has an extra row of seating behind the driver's seat. There will be good legroom for passengers sitting in the rear compartment, and this range is generally sold as a four-door vehicle.

Key takeaway:

Yes... you'll have a lot of space if you buy one of the latest double cab or crew cab pickups. But, you might need to consider buying one of the modern Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) if you need to accommodate seven (7) or more passengers.

Pro Tip: It's common for some people to use the 4x4 pickup as a company car as well as for personal use. Other sections explain more about VAT on commercial vehicles, Benefit in Kind (the BIK tax), and pickup road tax rates (VED) in the United Kingdom.

Practicality without Compromise

There was a time when the function of a vehicle with an enclosed cab and an open back was more important than its comfort.

Today, having a plush interior, high tech gadgets, and a host of superior safety features has become standard. Not to mention the option for buying one of the latest electric pickup trucks.

Put another way:

Driving a pick-up truck was not the most comfortable ride - especially if you took it off road. Even though it's still true to say that going off roading in a pick-up is not for the faint hearted, they are catching up with many of the modern luxury saloons and SUVs.

Nowadays, you get heavy-duty suspension, high ground clearance, and the benefits of having a pickup with four-wheel drive really come to the fore.

4x4 Pickup Trucks: Plus PointsPlus Points

4x4 Pickup Trucks: Minus PointsMinus Points

Pro Tip: Check out our pickup trucks comparison guide for a list of the key features and technical specifications available in the new models reaching the showroom forecourts this year.

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