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Workshop Manuals: Chevrolet

Getting free access online to any automotive repair manual for a specific make and model can save you time and money - especially if you're a DIY mechanic.

The information and step-by-step instructions in this service and repair section will help you diagnose and fix the common issues that Chevrolet owners have with their vehicles.

Chevy Repair Manual Free How to Guide

Car manufacturers issue factory service manuals with key information for professional mechanics and vehicle owners.

The guidance and step-by-step instructions listed below comes from:

Tip: You can also contact a local dealer for repair or service manuals.

Detailed instructions inside an auto repair manual explain how to recognise, fix, and maintain the different parts of a vehicle.

The skills and knowledge gained from following the guidance in a manufacturer's handbook can also reduce the cost of carrying out minor repairs and routine maintenance tasks.

Chevrolet Troubleshooting Advice

You should use the fault-finding tools and video tutorials listed in this section as a free guide for troubleshooting notable problems with Chevrolets.

But, the Haynes or Chilton manuals may provide an alternative solution if you're unable to mend it, adjust it, or rebuild it.

How Do You Open the Gas Cap on a Chevrolet?

The issue involves an old Chevy Malibu and the new owner can't get the fuel door open. So, follow these simple steps if you don't know how to open the gas tank on a Chevrolet Malibu.

In fact, there is no fuel button or lever to pull inside the Chevrolet Malibu cabin. Hence, when you need to refuel it, you must open the gas tank lid from the outside the vehicle:

  1. How Do You Open the Gas Cap on a Chevrolet?Leave the doors unlocked when you exit the car, because the fuel door will not open if they are locked.
  2. Walk to the rear passenger side and you will see the cover of the gas tank.
  3. Pushing gently on the left side of the fuel door will trigger a spring-release and it should open.
  4. Unscrew the gas cap in the normal manner and then fill the fuel nozzle.
  5. Remember to reattach the gas cap before you push the fuel door back into the position to close it.

Debris can enter the fuel tank if the nozzle is left open. In turn, this may result in extra problems, such as air leaks, a reduction in fuel economy, and damage to the fuel injectors.

Chevrolet iconChevrolet Malibu 2023 Owner Manual [PDF Download]

How to Close the Back Window on a Chevy Tahoe?

So, you're struggling to operate the tailgate and the window in the rear of a 2016 Tahoe? In fact, there are two ways you can achieve this.

  1. You can do it manually for the top window by pressing the soft button underneath the Chevrolet badge and slightly to the right. Then, you can go ahead and shut the window with your hand when you're finished.
  2. You can also open the whole tailgate by pressing the soft key button inside the handle at the bottom. Pop that up and the whole tailgate will open 'hands-free'. Press another soft button on the inside to close it.

You can also use the key fob to perform the same functions. Hence, press the "times two" button twice to open the window and the tailgate "times two" button for the whole liftgate.

Chevrolet iconChevrolet Tahoe 2013 Owner Manual [PDF Download]

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