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Land Rover Defender Alternatives

It's not easy to name a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that handles itself the same or better in the rough stuff than the ever-popular Defenders.

Even so, this section does a good job of listing seven cheap alternatives that are comparable with the Land Rover Defender and available in the United Kingdom.

What Car to Buy Instead of the Defender

Defenders - as we know them - ceased production towards the end of 2015. So, what happens after close to 68 years as the final Land Rover Defender rolled off the line?

The Defender's longevity and unparalleled off-road driving capabilities will be a loss felt by many of its aficionados - often called Landies.

As a result, many car buyers will be reviewing a Land Rover Defender alternative that mimics its price range and its rugged characteristics.

Follow the links below for more information as we compare seven of the next best substitutes that could serve as the optimum alternative.

IBEX 4x4 All Terrain Vehicles

There aren't many vehicles more 'British' than the IBEX 4x4. It is a rigid, uncompromising, all terrain, off roader put together on the foundations of the steelworks in Sheffield.

Its agility is solid enough to get you through to the harshest of environments. Moreover, its strength and durability will get you back home again.

Foers IBEX 4x4 Defender Alternative.IBEX 4x4 vehicles sit on a strong monocoque chassis frame. Then, marine grade body panels (made from aluminium alloy) adorn the outer shell.

This provides a platform that is adaptable and versatile. As a result, several vehicle configurations apply for different applications, such as:

  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Motorsport
  • Utility and expeditions

Foers is a company that focuses on producing bespoke all terrain vehicles - not dissimilar to the qualities of Land Rover Defenders.

Jeep Wrangler

When comparing alternatives to Land Rover Defender, the Jeep Wrangler stands out as being a vehicle that is almost as recognisable.

Its slatted grille and bulbous round headlights create the fashion statement of being somewhat akin to one hundred percent 'Americana'.

Nonetheless, many owners would argue that jeeps are unstoppable when driving off-road (e.g. on Byways Open to All Traffic).

In a nutshell:

The Jeep Wrangler may not be quite as uncomfortable as the Defender on public roads. It's also relatively expensive to buy (around £60,000).

Standard equipment for the range is rather 'generous' and appropriate. But, adding a few personalisation options helps to make Jeep Wranglers stand out from the crowd.

Note: Check out the section that covers Jeep 4x4 vehicles for more information and car reviews, including the Wrangler, Renegade, and the Cherokee.

Jetour Traveller

It's fair to say the most "replicated" cheapest Land Rover Defender alternative is a Chinese 4x4. The Jetour Traveller is one of the popular SUV 4x4 cars built in Asia.

The base model measures 4.79 metres long with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The two petrol options include the 1.5-litre engine producing 184 PS and you get around 254 PS from the 2.0-litre turbocharged version.

Matching a Defender for its off-road capabilities is always going to be difficult. Even so, the Jetour Traveller has a 27° entry angle and a 30° exit angle. You also get twenty two (22) centimetres of ground clearance and a fording depth of seventy (70) centimetres.

Pro Tip: It's not yet sold in the United Kingdom or in Europe. But, prices start at a UK equivalent around £15,500 in China.

Land Rover Discovery

It's not difficult to see why many 4x4 owners like the Land Rover brand. Even so, the Land Rover Discovery tends to be more refined than many of the others in the range.

The Discovery offers much of the same off-road capabilities. But, having a little extra comfort and interior luxury is something to consider when driving on the tarmac.

Land Rover Discovery as an alternative to Land Rover Defender.There are many fun and exciting SUVs to drive - and this Defender alternative may meet the grade.

That being said, the Land Rover Discovery will set you back about the same price if you want to buy it instead of a Defender.

So, why should you consider buying a Discovery instead of a Land Rover Defender?

First, the exterior has been designed to be unforgettable (really?)

Next, the manufacturers say the interior blends 'desirable luxury' with a high level of comfort - meant for the whole family.

But, planning a journey with six or seven people is where this cheaper alternative to Land Rover Defender excels. The seven seater Discovery offers stadium seating, meaning everyone gets to enjoy the view of the road ahead.

Note: Another section contains more information about Land Rover 4x4 makes and models including the Freelander and why the Range Rover Sport gets stolen so often.

Mercedes G-Wagon

Anyone who followed military vehicles in the seventies will appreciate how much the Mercedes G-Class has improved. In fact, we consider them as being grown-up sports utilities with a hint of luxury.

How does the Mercedes G-wagon compare to the Land Rover Defender?As a result, it would be easy to think fancy alloy wheels and high-class interior leather reduce its off-road abilities.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Mercedes G-Wagon is a 4WD SUV that boxes above its own weight - especially in rough terrain.

So, why is the Mercedes G-Class nominated as a worthy alternative to the Land Rover Defender? Well, it is not the cheapest way to go green-laning and the running costs will be high.

But, sitting inside the plush cabin will help to provide the answer. Not to mention how the AMG G63 models give supercars a run for their money over the quarter mile.

Munro Mark 1 4x4 SUV Electric Vehicle

The company that makes Munro Vehicles was first incorporated as an automotive startup in Glasgow back in 2019.

Munro Mark 1 4x4 SUV Electric Vehicle.As a result, the first offering from the company is a fully electric 4x4 rugged off-roader.

The original design plan was to create all-purpose electric vehicles for tough industrial operations (e.g. forestry, gold mining).

The Munro Mark 1 SUV will be carrying people and equipment through some of the most precipitous terrain - same as the Land Rover Defender!

Munro® has since set up a distribution agreement with the United States of America. But, their new EVs may also find some stiff opposition from Volkswagen - especially the Scout EV brand.

Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny is also a worthy contender for this section that overviews the top ten small 4x4s and the list of cars similar to Land Rover Defender.

Yes... you might think that it drives like a dinky car. But, try throwing it around the worst terrain you can find and you will be in for a surprise.

The bad news is that the Jimny is not available as a new model anymore. Thus, its overall popularity has resulted in skyrocketing used car values.

Note: Another section contains more information about Suzuki SUV 4x4 cars and crossovers including the Swift and the SX4 S-Cross.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Rover Defender substitutes don't come any more bullet-proof and unshakable than the unmistakable Toyota Land Cruisers.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022It is no coincidence that Toyota vehicles have been building a solid reputation for dependable cars for decades.

So, why should you buy a Land Cruiser in place of the Land Rover Defender?

For starters, it is practical and spacious. Plus, there's no shortage of tech and infotainment (excluding entry level versions).

We admit that the Toyota Land Cruiser may not rank highly as the most comfortable SUV on the market. Nonetheless, getting you almost anywhere you need to go is a given.

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