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MINI iconMINI Electric Concept Car 2017

MINI ELECTRIC: BMW is going electric - again. They have dubbed this latest episode 'the next chapter of MINI'. The theme and concept is simple. They say the MINI Electric is 'measured in volts, but felt in pulse'.

It may seem like the emphasis of the moment is converting drivers to electric driving. But, the BMW claim to be putting you [the driver] first.

There are many features to like in the MINI range. Most drivers find them thrilling to drive with unwavering cornering abilities.

It would be harsh to ignore the positive acceleration and driving enjoyment. There is a creative use of space and the iconic design adds a whole new dimension to modern MINI cars.

The BMW Group have switched car owners on to an electric lifestyle once more. The electrifying experience is a powerful blend of feeling and modern technology.

All-Electric MINI 2017 Review

The picture shows what the all-electric MINI will look like when it gets released in 2019. Fingers crossed it gets a trendy and creative name by then.

MINI Electric Concept Car 2017This is the latest chapter in electric cars from the BMW Group. The concept version comes off the back of the Mini E.

BMW introduced the all-electric Mini Cooper in 2008. They used it to develop battery technology. That model had a range of 156 miles - but rear seats.

There were only 500 produced. But, moving forward sees the company reveal their plans for its replacement.

There is nothing original about its current name of 'Mini Electric Concept'. But, it is a clear preview of an all-electric production car set to make its debut in 2019.

It represents what we can expect to see on the roads in the future. A brief review revealed styled LED headlights and four-spoke wheels. The concept version displayed flashes of yellow at strategic accent points. It has a sealed grille containing the electric plug-in emblem.

MINI Electric Concept: Frankfurt Auto Show

The Mini Electric Concept displays all the hallmarks of a MINI - including its shape. The tyres are normal size for road use and they already fitted the door mirrors. The conceptualization reveals what we can expect from the car makers.

We are waiting to hear the official announcement of drivetrain used in the new MINI Electric. Experts suggest that it will share the BMW i3 set up. That seems to be the most logical as we peak into the future.

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