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Honda's top range of 4WD sports utility vehicles and crossover cars rank at the highest level of automakers in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Their philosophy is simple - Your Honda!

The information in this section contains links to a range of Honda 4x4 models with updated news items from their registered offices in Bracknell, Berkshire.

What is the Origins and History of Honda?

The journey for producing automobiles on a large scale began in 1963 with the release of the Honda T360 mini-truck.

A few months later, the S500 sports car became the second production line vehicle to enter the markets.

In 1981, the release of the Honda Electro Gyro-Cator turned out to be the world's first-gen car navigation system.

The following year, they became the first Japanese car manufacturer to start producing vehicles in North America.

The next few decades saw the launch of several Honda cars that were popular and affordable, including the Acura in 1986, the Honda NSX in 1991, and the Honda CR-V (first launched in 1996).

Honda in the 21st Century

Today, a comprehensive lineup of Honda 4x4 SUVs and crossover cars is so typical of their philosophy. They build vehicles that are advanced, stylish, and incredibly slick.

Proudly portraying every car they have made, all Hondas are crafted to perfection and built to provide sustained reliability for their loving owners.

Here's the thing:

The name Honda is synonymous with engineering and problem solving, arguably because they think of every last detail.

Put another way, they're convinced you will feel the same joy about their vehicles as they did when they actually created them.

Honda's uncanny knack of marrying exciting performance with the innovative ideas and comforts of a luxury car continues relentlessly. The adventure and exhilaration of owning and driving a Honda motor car never seems to stop.

The Honda Motor Company is a renowned manufacturer of family automobiles, motorcycles, along with a range of industrial power equipment.


The "Honda 0 Series" is Ready for Launch

The unveiling of two concept models, called Saloon and Space-Hub, has set a date for the global launch of the new Honda EV series from 2026.

Equally, the Honda 0 Series symbolises how the car manufacturer is transforming to meet its electrification policy and Global Brand Slogan.


Honda CR-V

No matter whether "CR-V" is an abbreviation for "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle" or "Compact Recreational Vehicle", the RD1 is definitely an "SUV".

Our review of the Honda CR-V first generation 1997 model highlights the key features and specifications of this compact crossover Sports Utility Vehicle.

Honda Civic Sedan

The new styling and redesign for the tenth-generation Civic sedan and coupe resulted in longer, wider, and lower variants of the previous generation.

This review of the Honda Civic Sedan 2016 model underlines the key specifications and interior equipment for this popular compact car.


Honda Jazz

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Passport

Honda Pilot

Honda Prologue

Honda S660


Honda e:Ny1

Honda HR-V

Honda ZR-V

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