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BMW X6 REVIEW: The styling of this mid-size luxury SUV divides judgment in some ways. But, you can't deny the BMW X6 crossover provides impressive performance and handling.

Then you can add an excellent driving experience and a strong secure road presence.

BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupé (SAC) models first hit the major markets in 2009.

The point of its introduction caused some confusion for many car experts.

Why would BMW produce the ambiguity of a large four-wheel drive SUV with a coupe sloping roofline?

Most BMW X6 car reviews consider it less practical than its sister the X5. Even though it is more expensive, the X6 SUV continues to outsell its expectations.

In fact, the success of the X6 inspired the German auto makers to build the smaller BMW X4 SUV coupe.

It has few distinct rivals in its class. In truth, you could pose the Mercedes GLE as its closest rival. But, if you are searching for similar SUV variations then the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne might also be on the list.

BMW X6 SpecificationsBMW X6 SUV Specifications

There are three different power outputs to the BMW X6 3.0-litre diesel engine. Those who prefer petrol engines can choose between the 444 and 567 bhp 4.4-litre motor. The ultra-powerful petrol engine comes as standard on the BMW X6 M version.

BMW uses the term 'xDrive' when it refers to their four-wheel drive cars. Either way 4x4 is standard for all X6 models along with automatic gearbox.

BMW X6 SUV ReviewBMW X6 35i (306 Hp) xDrive

The diesel engine version gets the thumbs up by most X6 owners. This is due (in part) to the entry-level xDrive 30d producing 254bhp. That's enough power to move the car with speed from 0-62 mph in 6.7 seconds.

This model also gives reasonable fuel economy at 47.1 mpg. The CO2 emissions of 157 g/km mean the road tax payments should be less that £200 a year.

The V8 4.4-litre petrol engine is less popular due to stats around 30 mpg and annual road tax close to £300. That rises to £500 a year for choosing the trim level with bigger alloy wheels.

Sitting at the top of the range is the BMW X6 M. Its fuels economy figures are not pretty to see (around 25 mpg). You may also need a friendly bank manager to cover the top rate road tax. That said, handling the initial price tag means you may be less concerned with the X6 SUV running costs.

The BMW X6 road test treated the handling with poise and confidence. That is in spite of weighing more than two tonnes.

There is plenty of speed and grace with this Sports Activity Coupe. But, even though the four-wheel drive system provides an abundance of grip, the low ride height is not meant for green laning adventures.

BMW X6 SUV Interior and TrimBMW X6 SUV Interior and Trim

BMW X6 SUV Interior and TrimAs you might expect the BMW X6 interior trim is ultra-luxurious and modern.

You get a sparkling dashboard angled towards the driver. All the BMW X6 interior equipment reflects its high selling price.

The rear cabin provides a reasonable amount of leg room. But taller back seat passengers may find it a little cramped because of the sloping roof.

That said, almost any BMW X6 review will see this as less significant than in previous models. On the plus side, 580 liters of space in the boot is well proportioned, even if the BMW X5 boasts almost 10% more space.

Entry-level SE trim includes leather seats which have heating control in the front. It also has front and rear parking sensors, sat-nav, and voice recognition. Base model X6 cabins also get Bluetooth connectivity, a DAB radio, and ambient lighting.

What do you get if you upgrade to BMW X6 M Sport? Well first off that is likely to cost you an extra £5,000.

You will get 20-inch alloy wheels and adjustable suspension. BMW also throw in power-adjustable seats and an array of interior trim upgrades. The most noticeable difference could be the sporty exterior bodykit.

Note: All X6 models have the BMW Emergency Call system fitted. The device alerts emergency services and gives them your location if the car crashes.

Rating the BMW X6 SUVRating the BMW X6 SUV

Conclusions: If reliability and safety are key factors for your next car then the BMW X6 excels. It offers excellent quality and comes equipped with a range of BMW safety features.

In general, its practicality and boot space meet the grade. In fact, the X6 SUV now has a bigger boot space and room for three passengers in the rear section. Despite the suspension being a little stiff in Sport mode, the BMW X6 ride is comfortable on the whole.

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BMW X6 SUV Price RangeBMW X6 SUV Price Range: £56,515 - £93,100

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