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BMW X4 REVIEW: This page examines the stylish BMW X4 compact SUV. The trendy coupe roof line and small boot make the X4 stand out most among any group of modern sports utilities.

You may have already realised that the new BMW X4 SUV is the sister model of the X3. The later model uses the same platform, engines and running gear.

The designers claim that the sporty profile of the BMW X4 SUV makes it even more attractive. In reality, it's not as practical and the price tag is much higher than the BMW X3.

We have to agree that the BMW X4 combines the curvy looks of a coupe with the raised ride height of modern SUV cars. But, there are doubts about the actual practicality of this sporty combination.

Most reviews of the BMW X4 SUV will agree on one thing about the coupe-style silhouette. It could prove difficult to get a full view out of the back windows when maneuvering.

BMW X4 SpecificationsBMW X4 SUV Specifications

BMW M Sport models provide their owners with the top specifications. They come with fine-tuned suspension, an aggressive bodykit, and gearshift paddles.

UK BMW X4 engines are available in diesel power only. That means choosing between the entry-level xDrive20d, the mid-range xDrive30d, or top-of-the-range xDrive35d.

The 20d gets equipped with a 2.0-litre engine whereas the 30d and 35d both get 3.0-litre units. But, the 20d is the only engine offering a choice of manual or automatic transmission.

An eight-speed automatic gearbox comes as standard on the 30d and 35d BMW SUV models. Steering column gearshift paddles mean you can change gear yourself if you choose to.

BMW X4 SUV ReviewBMW X4 35d (313Hp) xDrive Steptronic

BMW X4 SUV Interior and TrimBMW X4 SUV Interior and Trim

SE spec is the base trim out of three options. The mid-range xLine models have a dash switch to help prioritise between fuel economy and sporty handling.

The BMW X4 SUV interior cabin gets comfortable sports seats. It also gets extra styling on the headrests and metallic paint with chrome exhaust pipes.

BMW X4 SUV Interior and TrimOpinions of most BMW X4 test drives agree on a high-quality cabin.

The inside is smart and uncluttered. It also boasts of one of the best sat-nav systems on the market.

The quality of materials around the driver is first class. But, some of the buttons have minimal labelling.

Soft-touch leather and plastics combine well with the classy metal trim. As a minus point, the rear has compromised boot space and limited rear headroom.

There are several upgrade options available to BMW X4 SUV buyers. Choices include 21-inch alloy wheels, electric glass sunroof, and wireless phone charging.

There is also a DVD player available for rear-seat passengers and an upgraded stereo. If price is not an issue, the M40i with Ultra High Performance tyres provides extra grip.

Rating the BMW X4 SUVRating the BMW X4 SUV

Conclusion: The BMW X4 has no shortage of style and finesse. It is a compact SUV with an eye-catching coupe roof line and smaller than the BMW X6 SAC model. But all that superior styling has a price to pay and that means a sacrifice in boot space.

So what are the options for those who find the X4 beyond their budget? Take a second look at the Audi Q3 or the entry-level Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Research and analysis shows they offer similar performance to the BMW 20d range. You could also consider reviewing the Mazda CX-5 SUV if you need practicality at a lower price.

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BMW X4 SUV Price RangeBMW X4 SUV Price Range: £37,545 - £49,650

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