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Mechanical Diesel Engine Workings

There are some common problems that will destroy petrol and diesel engines. Often, the visible signs of a malfunction provide clues on what is wrong.

You need to act without delay for most diesel troubles or it could end up killing your car engine.

Are you looking for a new automobile and unsure whether to go for a vehicle powered by diesel?

Is your gut feeling telling you to stick with a gasoline-powered car?

It is never a bad idea to weigh up the pros and cons of diesel cars first.

Compare the advantages and benefits over their gasoline equivalents before you decide.

This section is an ongoing list of 4x4 and diesel engine workings. You can click through on any topic for further mechanical information and advice.

Car Repairs and Maintenance

Car Repairs and Maintenance Tips for BeginnersThe best part about repairing and maintaining cars yourself is the hundreds of tasks that you can achieve without having to pay for the services of a trained mechanic.

This section explains the common troubleshooting processes to use and it lists the most important car jobs that you can do on your own (e.g. taking care of tyres, checking fluid levels, and how to do an annual inspection).

Diesel Engine Workings

Diesel Engine Workings GuideThere is an easy way of describing how diesel engines work. Remember the phrase 'suck squeeze bang blow'.

A diesel engine uses glow plugs to provide extra energy. Heater plugs warm the air in the cylinder on starting.

Draining off contaminants and water should get done regularly. It is so simple to drain diesel fuel water separators that you don't need to be a mechanic.

Draining contaminants from a fuel separator is a task most diesel owners can perform themselves. But what is a fuel water separator?

Note: Another section explains the best way to start a diesel engine and why the fuel needs to reach a certain temperature when firing up diesels in cold weather.

Fuel Economy

How to Improve Diesel MPGImproving diesel fuel economy is the current buzz word for most motorists.

Fuel price is not something that regular drivers can make any cheaper at the pump. The price of diesel continues to rise in most cases.

This guide explains what causes high fuel consumption in diesel engines with 9 top tips to help improve fuel efficiency and get more miles per gallon.

Ignition System Diagnostics

Diagnosing Car Ignition System IssuesOften, the diagnostics for fixing problems with ignition system failure, and then fixing them, is a job best left for a professional mechanic.

First, determine whether the car's engine is getting enough air and fuel.

Then, once you know how to diagnose a loss of spark in a car engine you have a better chance of getting it started yourself.

Notified Faults and Solutions

Notified Faults and Solutions GuideThe diesel engine problems and solutions section is not meant to turn you off 4x4s. It is a database of known or reported faults with various 4x4 Vehicles.

Diesel car engines get smoky for many reasons. Identifying the smoke colour often helps you diagnose the cause of the problem. Find out how to cure and stop a smoky diesel engine.

Have you have had problems with your 4x4? Can you help us build a database of familiar and notable problems? Please send any information that will help diesel owners with their fault finding issues.

Learn how to check your car for engine oil sludge and understand why black gooey gel building up inside the motor is bad for diesel engines.

Isuzu Engine Problems: How reliable is the Trooper 3.0 diesel?

Petrol Engine Workings

Petrol Engine Workings GuideA simple guide with information on how petrol engines work, including carburetor and injection systems.

Check out the basic workings of a petrol engine, induction and compression.

But, there is a very simple way to remember how a petrol engine works. It uses a cycle of 4 strokes commonly referred to as 'suck, squeeze, bang, and blow'.

4x4 Spare Parts

4x4 Spare Parts and ReplacementsSome bits wear out and some parts fall off altogether - a bit like life generally!

Everything that moves will eventually need to get replaced. Well, that's what the four-wheel drive spare part manufacturers hope will happen.

The 4x4 off road spare parts section is where you find replacements for engines, body, and any four-wheel drive bit you can think of - Japanese and otherwise.

Car and Truck Terminology

A-Z Car Terminology with PicturesCar language... what does it all mean? Does it really matter whether it gets called an SUV or a Crossover and is there a difference?

Alphabetical dictionary of car terms and slang words with car jargon meanings. Check out the list of common mechanical phrases used in the motor industry.

Use this useful glossary of car terminology with pictures and explanations.

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