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Mitsubishi 4x4 Motor Vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors produced their first vehicle in 1917 and are still manufacturing and selling a superb range of powerful 4x4s, quality sport utility vehicles, and practical pick-up trucks.

Mitsubishi United Kingdom is a company with strong environmental concerns and clear leaders when it comes to producing Mitsubishi 4x4 vehicles which are emissions compliant.

The history and ethos behind the brand is unmatched in the motoring industry and a member of Japan's largest general trading company.

Mitsubishi Motors has an unparalleled commitment to its affiliates and partners including Gloucester English Rugby, Mitsubishi Armed Forces who are stationed in mainland Europe, and Club VR4 which is a branch dedicated to the 8g Mitsubishi Galant and Legnum.


Mitsubishi 4x4 ShogunThe Mitsubishi Shogun range has long been established as 'genuine' 4x4 motors.

They have the rugged build and drive capabilities to perform in the most demanding conditions on or off road, yet combine the styling of a luxury car.

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Mitsubishi 4x4 Triton Warrior 2015The Mitsubishi Triton Warrior is a brilliant piece of kit.

We recently took one for a 1,200 km round trip journey which included quite a few hairy mountain roads in North East Thailand.

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