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YETI SUV REVIEW: There are few genuine all-rounders in the group of family size sports utility vehicles. But the Skoda Yeti 4x4 has to be a worthy inclusion to the list of best small 4x4 cars.

Described by experts as a brilliant crossover model, the Yeti 4x4 is not short of accolades.

The Skoda Yeti 4x4 has all the trademarks of a classy interior. The smart cabin features come with a mixture of trendy Volkswagen Group components.

There was no disappointment when we reviewed the Skoda Yeti's driving credentials. Its nimble road handling, and impressive range of responsive engines, made the small 4x4 an entertaining road test.

Some car pundits might have a case when they criticize the SUV fuel emissions. Yes, the Yeti gets equipped with the efficient GreenLine models. But, that fuel saving power house is not an option if you choose to buy the Skoda Yeti 4x4 SUV.

Škoda Yeti 4x4 SpecificationsŠkoda Yeti 4x4 Specifications

Skoda Yeti Outdoor Sports Utility VehicleAlthough the Skoda Yeti is a small 4x4 crossover its 'Outdoor' option has rugged black bumpers and side skirts.

The Skoda Yeti SUV 4x4 specs:

While the van-like backend is not as easy on the eye as its rivals, it is helpful for judging parking distances.

The Yeti crossover 4x4 has the Haldex 5th generation clutch system. This speeds up response time by using an electric pump.

There is an Off-Road button for traction control plus ABS for slippery surfaces. The extra underfloor protection is great for muddy 4x4 off-roading and bad weather driving.

Škoda Yeti 4x4 Interior and Trim 2016Škoda Yeti 4x4 Interior and Trim 2016

The interior design and trim rates among the best small 4x4 cars for quality that we road tested. It has an upmarket feel that most of the opposition lack. It can seat five in comfort although on some surfaces the ride is noticeably firm.

Skoda Autos are part of the VW Group and this is most evident in the cockpit dashboard. While calling something basic is usually seen as a bad thing this does not apply to the control layout. The controls are easy to identify and well positioned.

The dials are clear and the lack of confusing buttons is most welcome. The seats and steering wheel are easy to adjust and have plenty of extra adjustment options. A tall windscreen and wide windows allows for excellent visibility.

Unique to the Skoda Yeti SUV is the innovative Varioflex rear seat system. Each of the rear seats can move independently. This gives passengers more legroom or adds extra luggage space to the boot compartment.

The seats can also be fully removed to make it drive like a small van. That produces 1,760 litres of luggage space, considerably more than the Nissan Qashqai crossover.

Rating the Škoda Yeti 4x4 SUVRating the Škoda Yeti 4x4 SUV

This Yeti is neither abominable nor hairy, although it is good in the snow. It is practical and styled more like a large SUV than a small car. It is genuinely likeable as soon as you get introduced to its charm. It delivers a true crossover SUV 4x4 from a family size hatchback.

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Škoda Yeti 4x4 Interior and Trim 2016Skoda Yeti SUV Price Range: £17,210 - £27,545

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