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Dacia Duster 2023 Car Review

The robust chassis and high ground clearance of the fresh look Dacia Duster make light work of uneven surfaces and rough terrains.

Our review of the new Dacia Duster 2023 Journey model explains why its appeal is unwavering - despite a recent price increase.

You'll Get More Duster than Ever in 2023

The manufacturers describe the revamped Duster as 'simply rugged' and one of the authentic sport utility vehicles (SUV).

Our 2023 Dacia Duster car review highlights some of its appeal, such as:

In many ways, the market has already made its move towards Dacia cars. But, what is the secret ingredient that got them there? Our research suggests that it's 'value for money'.

The latest rise in new-car prices is affecting almost all brands. Yet, Dacia's urban adventurer product is focusing on value - and is appealing to the masses more than ever.

The price of the revised range of Dusters starts around £15,500 in the United Kingdom. So, does it make sense to add this model to your list of top ten SUVs in 2024?

In case you were wondering:

The French manufacturer Renault, along with its Romanian subsidiary Dacia, jointly produced the first generation of Dacia Duster automobiles in 2010. They followed that by launching the second generation in 2017.

Dacia Dusters are City Dwellers

Some say that adventure begins at the corner of the street. So, is the new model a comfortable choice for urban driving? These features go a long way in convincing us that it is still at home in city:

Several aerodynamic improvements means its natural movement at speed is smooth and relatively quiet, thanks to:

The new tailgate badging spells 'D A C I A' across the boot lid. Other striking features include the front and rear skid plates and roof rails - all finished in a neutral megalith grey colour.

Dacia's Fully-Equipped Interior Specs

Drivers will find the backlit buttons easier to identify on the steering wheel. Furthermore, the spacious dashboard now accommodates an eight (8) inch, semi-flush touchscreen and two (2) USB ports (for charging tablets and smartphones).

Dacia Duster 2023 Interior ReviewNew interior specifications also include:

Dacia Duster Luggage Compartment

Having a modular layout means you can adapt the passenger compartment to your specific needs (e.g. using the 60/40 split fold rear bench seat and 467 litres boot space*).

Even so, you can fold all seats to the down position to maximise the carrying options. The doors have additional storage areas with extra pockets to keep things tidy on the backs of the front seats.

Dacia Duster Price and Engine Specifications

It won't appeal to all buyers, but there is an all-wheel drive 113bhp 1.5-litre turbo diesel option - and it claims 53.3mpg economy*.

Working the six-speed manual gearbox is a breeze thanks to the delivery of 260 Nm of torque from 1,750rpm. That being said, the shift action is a little less 'precise' than we would have expected.

In short, the ride delivers a healthy balance between comfort and control. Furthermore, it has a low entry price compared to many of its low-to-mid specification counterparts (e.g. Kia Sportage 4x4, Skoda Yeti SUV).

Note: Optional extras include an emergency spare wheel and metallic paint.

The results of the Dacia Duster 2023 road test produced two noteworthy positives. You should find it super easy to drive and its raised ride height means you'll have increased visibility

In Summary

It goes without saying - 4x4 versions display better off-road capabilities on rough terrain. But, the underpinnings are somewhat suspect and you may notice the wheels thumping around at times.

In general, the cabin is comfortable. But, you may feel some weakness in the seats as compared to most of the modern SUVs and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

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