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Nowadays, it's so easy to get the latest 4x4 news online. You can also browse through important auto industry updates that are making the headlines today.

This section spotlights the top breaking stories about 4x4 cars and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) with additional information and reviews from our experts.

4x4 Off Roading: Latest News Headlines

We have dedicated sections that contain information about 4x4 SUV cars, pickups, vans, and trucks.

But, the details in this section focuses on delivering the latest news breaking stories about:

Note: We may combine some of the 4x4 news stories, articles, and press releases with expert comments, car reviews, and related video footage.

Black Ops 4x4 Off Roaders

After an incredible modification by Black Ops Auto Works, several Jeep 4x4 models now have "the ultimate in off road capability". The Black Ops 4×4 modification includes maximum tire lift and low-center-of-gravity clearance.

Black Ops Auto Works is a leading manufacturer parts for Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Charger and Dodge Durango. Check them out for high quality carbon fiber body parts made in the USA.

DVSA Upgrades their Power to Stop Cars

On the 11th of December 2023, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) introduced new stopper cars as part of their roadside enforcement work.

As a result, the enforcement team is conducting new research into a range of electric vehicles. The trials begin with the Skoda Enyaq which you are likely to see if you're driving the busy highways in Ashford, in Kent.

Pro Tip: Motorists should follow the instructions given by the DVSA staff if they ask you to stop using any of their new skoda 4x4 models.

Lotus Launches New Performance Road Bike

November 2023 saw Lotus unveil the new Type 136 performance lightweight e-bike from High Performance System Domestique™ (leading F1 engineers based in Monaco).

By delivering dual-use functionality, this track-inspired performance road bike means riders can go further, faster, and at higher altitudes.

Lotus Launches New Track-Inspired Performance Electrified Road Bike.Key features include:

  • A lightweight e-bike motor that can deliver true dual-use functionality.
  • More than thirty years of design and engineering excellence used in road and track cycling.
  • Lotus lightness creates a motor that weighs 300 grams and the full e-bike weighs 9.8 kilograms.
  • Limited first edition launch production run of only 136 individually numbered bikes that also have the unique Lotus motorsport-inspired livery.

Pro Tip: Check out our 2023 Lotus Eletre review for further details about the use of progressive principles in "active aerodynamics".

Updated Wrangler Heads to the UK

Jeep® joins several other auto manufacturers in revealing a host of new 4x4 cars and off roaders heading for the United Kingdom in 2024.

The details include the pricing and specification for a refreshed and updated Wrangler. A revitalised design and overhauled interior compliments its unwavering focus of delivering superb off-road driving capabilities.

Here's the deal:

The price for the new "UK-based" retro-style SUV Jeep Wrangler starts around £60,785. Standout features include a new grille, updated interior, and plug-in hybrid power (in the USA).

2023 Mitsubishi D:X Concept 4x4

A cost-saving exercise saw the Mitsubishi 4x4 range of vehicles exit the UK market - and much of Europe - back in 2020.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Delica 4x4 2023Nonetheless, they unveiled the new futuristic D:X Concept Delica 4x4 - described as an 'electrified MPV crossover' during the Japan Mobility Show.

The unmistakable off-road flair of the Mitsubishi Delica first hit the roads in 1968.

Yet, this fourth-generation model has chunky tyres, a suspension lift, and optional campervan conversion kits.

Furthermore, the chunky arches and ultramodern laser lighting combine well with six individual captain's chairs inside the spacious interior.

AMG G63 4x4 Squared Customised by MANSORY

They are best known for modifications to luxury cars, especially Bentley and Porsche. But the result of this particular customisation is an 850 BHP opulent off-road version of the Mercedes-AMG G63 4x4 Squared.

They will only make ten (10) units. Nonetheless, each one of these outlandish, all-terrain Mercedes SUVs will have 738 lb-ft of torque.

In other words, the new MANSORY Gronos 4x4 (based on the boxy Mercedes G-Class) features a beefed-up body kit that includes wing and fender flares as well as a carbon fibre bonnet.

Mustang Mach-E® Rally Debut

For the very first time, Ford Mustang Mach-E goes off-road and beyond the pavements. The news about this groundbreaking EV is sparse. But, you can read more about the Mustang Mach-E 2023 on the Ford website.

Isuzu D-Max Spruced Up for Camping

The first step was for Isuzu to approve the extensive range of 4x4 off-road and camping accessories from ARB for use on the new D-Max pick-up.

Having formed the new partnership, D-Max owners now have an array of superior accessories designed to enhance the capabilities of their vehicle.

The collaboration between Isuzu SUV models in the UK and ARB has produced a range of enhancements, including:

Let's face it, the Isuzu D-Max already boasts durability and ruggedness. Even so, sprucing it up with some ARB accessories has made it even more versatile.

Note: A popular resource page contains information about 4JJ1 engine specs, including the displacement, max output, and max torque.

What's the Most Car-Friendly City?

A recent study [June 2023] revealed some surprising results for the UK's most driver-friendly cities. The research focused on the number of hours lost in traffic, parking and petrol costs, and driver access to EV chargers.

In fact, Coventry won the race and has been awarded the most car-friendly city with the most favourable driving experiences in the United Kingdom.

What's the Most Car-Friendly City in the United Kingdom?And the winners are...

  1. Coventry
  2. Brighton & Hove
  3. Plymouth
  4. Kingston-upon-Hull (Hull)
  5. Norwich
  6. Manchester
  7. Portsmouth
  8. Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  9. Bradford

Guess which city finished at the bottom of the leaderboard? Yes... London!

Note: The results show that Coventry has 318 EV charging points per 100,000 people and 41 hours stuck in traffic per year per driver during peak commuter periods. Check out our electric car reviews for more information about EVs.

New Ford V8 Mustang for 2023

It may not be a scoop - but Ford revealed further details about the seventh-generation (first launched in 1965) V8 Mustang.

They unveiled the 2023 Mustang at the Detroit Auto Show. First reviews seem to suggest it's even more aggressive than its previous counterpart.

Tip: There's more information about the 2023 Ford V8 Mustang online, including the engine specifications, electrification, and price (starting around £50,000).

7 Popular Used Electric Cars in 2023

As we approach the summer months, it's interesting to note which popular used electric cars are making the loudest mark on the market.

In fact, EV sales are reaching all-time highs in the United Kingdom. So, this snapshot shows who is leading the way.

The top nine most searched-for second hand electric vehicles comes from data freely available online*:

  1. Volkswagen cars
  2. Highly Searched-for Used Electric Cars in the United Kingdom.Hyundai models
  3. BMW 4x4
  4. Tesla
  5. Mini
  6. Kia
  7. Nissan cars
  8. Mercedes-Benz
  9. Audi 4x4 SUV

Tip: Another section contains electric vehicles reviews with extra information explaining how to find the best EV to suit your lifestyle.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4Xe Review 2023

Most Americans see it ranking among the best 4x4 flagships, and now the Jeep Cherokee 4Xe gets a major makeover.

It appears that designing a new powertrain is a bold attempt at challenging other similar models, including Audi, BMW, and several Range Rover models.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4Xe Review 2023First launched back in 1992, Jeep suggests the Grand Cherokee was ranked as the 'first premium' of Jeep 4x4 models.

Nonetheless, it was streets ahead at being able to blend off-road and on-road abilities with luxurious comfort.

Yet, three generations later, they have refined a 'go-anywhere' vehicle with the capabilities and internal trim that selective buyers look for.

Note: You can read more about the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4Xe Review 2023 online with extra information about the specifications and price.

4x4 Off Roading in Yorkshire

Can you imagine the thrill of getting behind the wheel of a new Land Rover or Range Rover fleet and then thrashing it around a 1,400-acre estate in Skipton, North Yorkshire?

Well, you can through the Coniston Off Road Experience packages. So, buckle up and head over the muddy tracks and grassy hills of Yorkshire's famous landscape.

Tip: Browse through our counties list of 4x4 off road centres for further information about the different driving experiences available and prices.

UK Driving Laws

Some drivers will have been driving for many years and still won't be familiar with every single law stated in the UK Highway Code.

Thus, some of the road rules that may get you in serious trouble, and some of the ones you may not even know exist, could include:

  • Listening to music in your car
  • Regulations for pets if your car breaks down
  • Splashing pedestrians
  • Swearing and making rude gestures
  • Warning other motorists about speed cameras

Note: The cinch website contains more information about driving laws you (probably) didn't know existed in the UK and across Europe.

How Fast is the Mountune Boosted Ford Fiesta ST?

There's an exciting way to find how quickly the 285hp hot hatch can lap the Rockingham Racing circuit in Northampton.

The excitement and race times came after Mountune used their m285 hybrid turbo kit to boost the Ford Fiesta ST to 285hp.

And the impact?

The performance of the hot hatch recorded a Rockingham lap time of 1:23.60. That's impressive... and the video shows it!

Tip: Click through to our 4x4 parts section for more information about Mountune racing and performance parts and their online shop based in Essex.

VW ID.4 Car Review 2023

Following a recent test drive and review of the new Volkswagen ID.4, it seems the overall verdict came back as being 'average'.

In fact, this mass-market electric SUV is the big sister of the popular ID.3 model and it makes an ideal all-electric family vehicle.

Note: Read the full Volkswagen ID.4 review to find out how the ID.3 hatchback supports its excellent range and trim levels.

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