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4x4 Kit for Extreme Offroading

If you are thinking about some serious - and I mean SERIOUS off road work, you had better read this first because you cannot call us if you get stuck!

Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits are designed to raise the body height by 2 or 3 inches depending on the kit used. Reinforced nylon blocks are fixed between the body and the frame to raise the vehicle height without needing to replace the dampers or any part of the suspension. The vehicle’s ride quality will not be affected and lifting the body allows larger tyres to be fitted to the vehicle.

Suspension Kits/Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits usually include replacement coil or leaf springs, dampers, lower control arms, new bushes and new U-bolts. These kits are used to raise the vehicles’ ride height by up to 6 inches while still maintaining a comfortable on road ride. The kits come with all the bolts and brackets you need, and usually full instructions for fitting them. Fitting these kits allows for larger tyres to be fitted to the vehicle, but different kits allow for different size tyres so make sure you check the size allowance before fitting.


A snorkel moves the point of the engines air intake to above the engine compartment. This keeps the air that is drawn into the engine dry, cool and clean from sand, mud dust and water. Snorkels are usually made from Polyethylene Plastic for durability and long life use.

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are used to add extra width to the front and rear axles of your vehicle. This means there is more space between the wheels for better ground clearance, mobility and vehicle performance. They also allow larger tyres to be fitted to the vehicle, but different kits allow for different sizes to be used so again, make sure you check the given allowance before fitting.


It is not a necessity to fit a winch to your off road vehicle unless you use it off road on a regular basis. They are very useful if you do as they allow you to get yourself out of tricky situations if you get stuck, and allow you to help recover other vehicles if they get into trouble on courses and tracks.

Hydraulic, Manual and Electric winches are available for most 4x4s. In my experience, hydraulic winches are the most reliable and definitely the most powerful; electric/battery powered winches cannot pull as much weight and will usually over heat in a matter of minutes.

CB Radios

CB radios can be very useful for off roading. For example, for a group of vehicles are visiting a course, CB radios are an ideal way of communication between drivers. They allow you to keep in touch with every member and vehicle in your group and call for assistance if you get stuck.

Bull Bars

There is no case for fitting bull bars to 4x4 suv vehicles who's primary use is not Off Road. They have been proven to be dangerous to pedestrians in particular. Should bull bars be banned legally?