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Accessories for Off Road Vehicles

4x4 OFF ROAD GEAR: Let's talk about some 4x4 accessory kits for 'serious' off road work. This information is for the most adventurous offroaders. But, take care driving off road because you cannot call us if you get stuck!

Body Lift Kit

Body lift kits raise the body height by 2 or 3 inches, depending on the actual body lift kit used.

Reinforced nylon blocks get fixed between the body and the frame.

Doing so raises the vehicle height without a need to replace the dampers - or any part of the suspension.

Installing a body lift kit does not affect the ride quality or performance of the vehicle. Besides, lifting the body means you can then fit a set of larger tyres as well.

Bull Bars

There is no case for fitting 4x4 bull bars to sports utility vehicles if the primary use is not off road. Research proves they are dangerous - particularly to pedestrians. In fact, many people question whether bull bar safety means banning them altogether?

CB Radios

A citizen band radio can be very useful for offroading. For example, a group of vehicles are visiting one of the off road county courses. CB radios are an ideal way for drivers to communicate with each other.

A CB radio is a way to keep in touch with every member and vehicle in your group. That means you can use it to call for assistance if you get stuck.

Accessories for Off Road VehiclesSuspension Lift Kits

As a rule, suspension lift kits usually include:

A suspension lift kit raises vehicle ride height (by up to 6 inches). But, it still maintains a comfortable on road ride. The kits come with all the bolts and brackets you need. They usually include full instructions for fitting them too.

Fitting these 4x4 off road accessory kits then allows a fitment of larger tyres. But, different kits allow for different tyre types and sizes. So, make sure you check the size allowance before fitting a suspension lift kit to the vehicle.

Snorkels for 4x4 Off Road Gear

A snorkel moves the point of the engines air intake to a place above the engine compartment. This keeps the air drawn into the engine dry, cool, and clean from sand, mud dust, and water.

Snorkel accessories for off road vehicles are usually made from Polyethylene Plastic for durability and long life use.

Tyre Accessories for Off Road Vehicles

Michelin first introduced the CrossClimate tyre range in 2015. The Michelin CrossClimate Tyres 2017 update sees new safety benefits and improved sizes to complement 4x4s and SUVs

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers add extra width to the front and rear axles of the vehicle. Thus, there is more space between the wheels. That produces better ground clearance, mobility, and vehicle performance.

They also allow larger tyres to get fitted to the vehicle. But, different kits allow for different sizes. Always check the given allowance before fitting.


It is not a necessity to fit a winch to any off road vehicle unless it gets used off road on a regular basis. But, 4x4 winches are very useful if you do. They help you get yourself out of tricky situations if you get stuck.

Fitting a 4x4 winch also helps you recover other vehicles if they get into trouble on muddy byway tracks.

Hydraulic, manual, and electric winches are available for most 4x4s. Often, hydraulic winches are the most reliable and definitely the most powerful. Electric or battery powered winches cannot pull as much weight. Besides, they will usually start to overheat in a matter of minutes.