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E-Spider All Terrain Electric Vehicle

The SWINCAR 4WD electric off road buggy is a new innovative cross-country vehicle creating a stir in the United Kingdom - mostly due to its unique harmony with nature.

This review of the SWINCAR e-Spider quadricycle explains how to peacefully explore all terrains and respect the environment at the same time.

How is the SWINCAR e-Spider Different?

Are you looking for a new electric 4WD vehicle to drive around tough environments?

If so, the e-Spider off road buggy could be the perfect acquisition for steep hills and deep valleys - even when it snows.

So, what makes this strange-looking quadricycle unique and how is it different to modern electric vehicles?

One notable feature of the e-Spider is its silent running gear. So, you get to enjoy nature 'peacefully' while driving on private roadways.

Another standout factor is the way it seems to dance over rugged terrains. Not only is it an enjoyable experience, and fun, the SWINCAR e-Spider tandem is an electric off road vehicle that is accessible to almost everybody.

SWINCAR Electric Mobility Vehicles

Designing and marketing electric mobility vehicles is what SWINCAR does best. Furthermore, when they get the job done they produce EVs that display exceptional cross-country performance.

The design focuses on an original pendulum concept (from an idea created by Pascal Rambaud). Thus, the outer casing (the nacelle) and the driver's seat remain in a horizontal position.

This characteristic combines with an extremely low centre of gravity. The result? An almost perfect balance in its most natural form that produces a stable, safe, driving experience.

Awesome Cross-country Driving Capabilities

Let's not kid ourselves. This electric buggy is small... and it's not going to meet everyone's needs when buying a new electric vehicle.

But, four drive wheels combine in a unique way with its independent steering and create a cross-country driving ability that will surprise you.

Four articulated legs may look a little weird when compared to modern 4x4 SUVs. Nonetheless, they result in an unusual amplitude of movement that appears to defy gravity at times.

Simply put:

The 4WD e-Spider's pendulum design makes it tilt on bends even though it stays level on any slopes. Thus, the articulated legs splay out on rugged ground and the wheels maintain good contact with the ground.

After we completed the SWINCAR electric 4x4 review, we tried to brainstorm some practical uses for an off road buggy that looks like a spider. Some of our insights include:

Drivers have used the SWINCAR on public roads since July 2017 in France when it received MAGA approval. There are three different versions available for sale:

Note: You can learn more about the history and concepts of SWINCAR e-Spider electric 4 wheel drive vehicles by visiting their website.

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