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Adventure 1 Electric Off-Road Vehicle

There's only one way to describe the Adventure 1 (an ORV being released for pre-order by Potential Motors), and that's 'unconventional'.

So, let's review the Potential Motors Adventure 1 compact off-road recreational vehicle and find out how this mini EV explores land beyond the highways.

What is an Off-road Recreational Vehicle?

In general, Off-road Recreational Vehicles (ORVs) are used for leisure or cross-country travel (e.g. expeditions, camping).

Because they are motorised, they can have wheels or tracks to make overland treks through natural terrain, as well as:

Note: Off-road Recreational Vehicles do not include general machinery used as agricultural equipment, such as lawn tractors.

Adventure 1 Expedition Camper

Are you looking for an all-terrain car to use in places where roads and trails don't exist? If so, the new overland mini EV could be the solution.

It looks like a narrow van and the manufacturers say it will 'fit anywhere'. That may be true because the width of the Adventure 1 is only 163 cm (64 inches).

So, accessing remote networks of ATV trails and other way-out destinations is how it outranks most Sports Utility Vehicles and small trucks.

The vehicle control system can adapt the performance in a proactive manner. This is what you need to traverse challenging terrains.

Car Review of the Adventure 1 Electric Off-Road Recreational Vehicle.What Do You Get Inside the Cab?

The architecture may be unconventional, but you get a good view from the cab. The field of vision combines with optimal line-of-site from the large windows.

Integrated Kitchen and Sink

You can pull out a modular kitchen from the rear of the van.

The basic, but functional, mini kitchen includes a fridge, water, 2-burner propane stove, kitchen accessories, and a small sink.

Sleep Anywhere in a Full-size Bed

This is one of the few electric vehicles (EVs) that sleeps two persons from a deployable full-size bed. The bed also folds away into a waterproof, dustproof compartment - keeping the bedding nice and dry.

Dry Interior Storage (2,500+ Litres)

The designers describe the interior as being 'cavernous'. In truth, there is enough space for the important cargo, including passengers, pets, tools, and toys.

You can also fit two full-sized dirt bikes behind the rear seat compartments (after removing the modular kitchen assembly).

Integrated Water Storage (40 Litres)

The designers also built in forty (40) litres of storage water into the body for arid adventures. Doing so means you get easy access to early morning coffee and late afternoon post-surf showers.

A UTV and a camper walk into a bar.

The Adventure 1's speciality becomes more evident when it's not being driven. You can use it as a flat-towable trailer - or even an emergency basecamp.

Important: The tow-charging capabilities, and an integrated emergency backup charger, make good use of the propane for cooking and heating to recharge the Adventure 1 electric off-road recreational vehicle.

Potential Motors Adventure 1 Specifications

The proactive suspension results in Off-Road OS adjustments to damping and stiffness. The outcome is maximum performance and enhanced comfort through all conditions.

There is no need to make manual adjustments because the live terrain adaptation is automatic. After reading the condition of the terrain, it sends information to the electronic control unit (ECU) in real time.

Air Tight Water Resilience

The air-tight construction comes from the electric architecture. So, unlike internal combustion engines (ICE) the Adventure 1 has a higher level of security when driving through flooded water than its gas, off-road counterparts.

Important: All specifications for Potential Motors Adventure 1 Electric Vehicle are subject to change.

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