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Munro® Electric 4x4 Off Roader

Munro Vehicles released more information about the new Mark 1 all electric 4x4 off road SUV being designed and manufactured in Scotland.

This review of the unmistakable hummer-like Munro EV 4x4 explains why some farmers are keen to buy the new rugged off roader when their diesel run-around needs replacing.

Munro Vehicles New All Electric 4x4 SUV

The company that makes Munro Vehicles was first incorporated as an automotive startup in Glasgow back in 2019.

As a result, the first offering from the company is a fully electric 4x4 rugged off-roader.

The Munro® Mark 1 will be carrying people and equipment through some of the most precipitous terrain.

The original design plan was to create all-purpose electric vehicles for tough industrial operations (e.g. forestry, gold mining).

But, the company has since set up a distribution agreement with the United States of America. Furthermore, the Munro EV may also find some stiff opposition from Volkswagen vehicles and their Scout EV brand.

Munro EV 4x4 Specifications

Combining Power with Efficiency

A permanent-magnet axial flux motor means there is no shortage of power (i.e. 280 kW (376 hp). Moreover, its high efficiency rating comes from 700 newton-metre of torque from a standing start.

The Munro Mark 1 SUV has a single electric motor that produces 371 horsepower (516 pound-foot). It uses the Land Rover Defender solid axles to send the power generated to all four wheels.

Some of the inspiration for the design of the latest Munro came from Ibex 4x4 all terrain vehicles. Even so, they needed to reengineer the standard model to cater for the electric powertrain.

Munro's Off Road Capabilities

One of the noteworthy features has to be its one tonne (1,000 kg) payload for commercial use. In fact, besides carrying people and cargo, you can also fit a pallet (standard size 1200 x 1000mm) inside the rear utility area.

Munro® Vehicles: Mark 1 Electric 4x4 Off Roader Review.Having permanent 4x4 means there should be no compromise in its off-road performance, in part due to:

The maximum train weight of 7,000 kg (with 3,500 kg towing capacity) means it has enough torque for a plethora of logistical requirements.

Usable Capacity

The hummer-like off roader boasts 168 miles (around 270 km) from 80.1 kWh of usable capacity. Thus, you can expect to get close to sixteen (16) hours of use if you go off roading away from public roads and highways.

Our Munro Mark 1 EV 4x4 review highlights the interior as being 'basic'. Yet, the conventional driveline means it can cope with three feet of water - comparable to some of the Rivian vehicles.

100 kW DC Charging

It takes around thirty six minutes to charge from 15-80% when using a high power Combined Charging System (CCS) unit. But, using a 22 kW AC for home or business charger could get the job done in three hours.

Repairable and Customisable

Using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts (including the brakes and suspension) adds to the custom-engineered body. In simple terms, it should be fast and inexpensive to get regular repairs done.

In case you were wondering:

The planned production should reach fifty (50) units of the Munro Mark 1 sometime during 2023. Following that, the company has further plans to increase production to over two thousand units per year by 2025 (and 5,000 units by 2030).

If the sales go as well as the company anticipates, there should be left and right-hand-drive versions available - costing around £75,000.

Important: Because this product was under development when we wrote this review, some of the specifications are indicative and may be subject to change.

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Note: The short video [2:13 seconds] has more information about the no-frills Munro EV fully electric off-road 4x4 - for sale in the United Kingdom and the USA.

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