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MWM Spartan EV Review

Sooner or later it had to happen and now the waiting is over. A new affordable all-electric 4x4 off-roader has gone on sale in the United Kingdom.

This review of the Spartan Electric 4x4 2.0 contains information about the rural workhorse built by the Czech firm, Maurice Ward Motors (MWM).

Spartan Electric Range and Specifications

So, we shouldn't always judge by appearances. But, it's fair to say the body shape is very much like the Mercedes G-Class models.

However, the original Spartan EV was a conversion of the Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (UAZ) Hunter.

This was a Russian 4x4 light utility military that dates all the way back to 1971.

Today, the body-on-frame chassis is based on the Gurkha 4x4 (built by Force Motors) and the battery is from China.

Instead of a gearbox, the Spartan's single motor can transmit 174bhp and 793lb feet of torque. Furthermore, the manual selection has two-wheel and four-wheel drive options with a choice between the high and low ranges.

The new Spartan all-electric 4x4 off-roader also has hill descent control and "manually" locking differentials at the front and rear.

Spartan EV Usable Capacity

They put the battery under the bonnet and the usable capacity is 57.4 kW h. The manufacturers claim a driving range around 150 miles. So, it's reasonable to expect it to be enough for an average working week on a farm in the United Kingdom.

DC charging rates can take place up to 90kW. In other words, it may take a little over thirty (30) minutes to get an 80% fill (from 20%). Another plus is "bi-directional charging" which allows for 230V of output for power tools and other specialised equipment.

Here's the deal:

The new Spartan Electric 2.0 measures 411.6 centimetres long and it is 181.2 centimetres wide. Despite being quite a bit smaller than most modern off-roaders, it does offer easier manoeuvrability - especially around farms and in rural areas.

Maurice Ward Motors state the approach angle as being 38 degrees and they say it has a 35 degree departure angle. They estimate the breakover angle as being 25 degrees.

It uses coil springs for suspension and it has anti-roll bars fitted at the front and back. The kerb weight of 2350 kilograms combines well with the load and towing capacities of 1025 kilograms and 3000 kg.

Pro Tip: Our Dacia Duster 2024 review contains several comparisons and even though the Duster is bigger, its approach angles are 31, 36, and 24 degrees.

Spartan Electric 4x4 Off-Roader Review for United KingdomMWM Spartan Electric 4x4 Interior

It's easy to describe the interior as being "hard-wearing". Even so, the Spartan's comfortable cabin features:

According to the general manager at MWM, the original 4WD capabilities remain intact. But, they are keen to state that it offers UK-wide owners a lot more than rough and rugged 4x4 experiences.

So, who are the most likely buyers of the new environmentally friendly Spartan 4x4 EVs? An obvious answer could be people who need to take care of animals, forestry, or parklands located in the countryside.

Put another way:

These 'wagons' are not modern luxury sport utilities (SUV). Instead, these fully electric light commercial vehicles are practical and functional, with some present-day comforts.

Note: The United Kingdom list price for the Spartan Electric 4x4 starts around £49,995 (Excluding LCV VAT).

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Note: The short video [1:13 seconds] presented by 'Forestry Journal' shows the handling and performance of the first all-electric 4x4 on a test drive around the British countryside.

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