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Mercedes Sprinter Camper

Fitting a high roof is the modern way of transforming a cramped camper into a spacious overlander that can sleep up to 4 people.

The information in this guide describes the process and features after carrying out the pop top roof conversion to the 4WD Mercedes Sprinter.

Fitting Out a Mercedes Camper Pop Top

First of all, let's answer the question of why camper vans have become so popular.

Many of the owners see them as being a compromise between a travel trailer and dedicated motorhome.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter campervan conversions are functional vehicles for campers who enjoy driving off-road.

So, in a nutshell, campervans provide an affordable way to experience rugged terrains and have fun doing so.

Note: Having four-wheel drive means the off-road capabilities of Mercedes-Benz vans cater for travelers who like to combine expeditions with outdoor adventures.

Upgraded Suspension and Oversized Tyres

The key features of this conversion van are the suspension upgrades and the large 34-inch tyres. Plus, the spare tyre hangs off one of the rear doors with a storage box (e.g. for tools) hanging off the other.

This Sprinter campervan's 3,658 millimetre (144-inch) wheelbase leaves things a bit tight inside. But, the smart design means you get everything you need.

Inside the Mercedes Sprinter Campervan

The counter fits neatly on one side. The section features a single-burner cooktop installed next to a stainless steel sink. We guess it's set out for owners who prefer to cook 'al fresco'.

You will find ample cupboard space above the counter with all the required outlets and electrical controls. There's extra storage space and a small fridge fitted close to the sliding side door.

The Sprinter boasts a nineteen (19) litre (5 gallon) water heater below the rear section of the counter. This area is also where the designers fitted a 114 litre (30 gallon) tank for fresh water.

The Living Room and Sleeping Area

In fact, the living room is a couch that sits neatly behind the driver's seat. Nonetheless, you can convert it into an extra bed if you need it. The main sleeping area is further back inside the vehicle.

Mercedes added more cabinets close to the area designated for the living room. This is where they installed the microwave and the space chosen for the portable lavatory (e.g. a cassette toilet).

If you travel in large groups, you will find the additional storage cabinets and a small closet handy. The pantry is opposite the kitchen.

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Pop-top Tent

To begin with, in case you were wondering, yes you can put a pop top on a Mercedes Sprinter. The maximum roof weight that Mercedes allows to the Sprinter is 660 pounds.

As a result, the pop top tent adds extra sleeping space and makes it more 'liveable'. It also increases the interior headroom by around fifteen (15) centimetres (6 inches). The insulated tent also features:

Important: When compared to other campervans on the market, some will consider the off-road Sprinter as being small, and there is no shower. Even so, it's efficient and it has a good selection of modern features.

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Note: The short video [8:21 seconds] from Vanlife Customs explains the layout and internal features of a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 144 inch wheelbase low roof van with a pop top installed.

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