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TORSUS Vehicle Manufacturer

TORSUS is a lesser known company that develops and manufactures some of the toughest heavy duty off-road buses found anywhere around the world.

This section contains information about the range of different TORSUS Bus models, specifications, and the price for PRAETORIAN and TERRASTORM versions.

Who Makes TORSUS & What is the Price?

Unless you're into 'heavyweight' jobs, you may not know much about the TORSUS vehicle manufacturer.

In fact, there aren't many tough, off-road buses that thrive in rugged terrain like the Praetorian and the Terrastorm.

These unique and robust passenger carriers are designed and built for the toughest of all jobs.

The PRAETORIAN is a capable heavy-duty off-roader. Whereas, a new TERRASTORM model is targeting the 4x4 minibus market.

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Who Owns TORSUS Bus Company?

The TORSUS brand was first established back in 2017. An international company called Pulsar Expo registered it as one of their subsidiary companies.

Even though the Headquarters are based in the Czech Republic (Czechia), the majority of the production facilities take place in Slovakia at a purpose-built factory.

In fact, two Ukrainian nationals (named as Vakhtang Dzukashvili and Yulia Khomich) set up the Czech company.

Here's the thing:

The operations and sales are most active in global markets that operate in heavy industries, such as mining. Even so, some utility and government service sectors have a need to buy TORSUS vehicles.

As you might expect, the company offers fast response times and provides all the essential warranty and service back-up for all markets.

Partnering with MAN and VW

A key partnership with MAN Truck & Bus and Volkswagen ensures the integrity of the robust and durable chassis.

Furthermore, the innovative powertrain technology that combines with quality engineering means every TORSUS Bus is reliable and serviceable.


Typical use circumstances for the TORSUS 4x4 Bus include, people transportation, evacuation, personal freedom, and various kinds of special operations.

TORSUS PRAETORIAN Technical Specifications

  • MAN Diesel Engine up to 290 HP
  • Torque up to 1150 NM (newton meter)
  • Seating capacity up to 34 + 1 (driver)
  • Ground clearance (under axle) 35 centimetres
  • Fording depth 68 centimetres
  • Width 2.54 metres
  • Length 8.70 metres
  • Weight (maximum permissible weight) 13,400 kilograms
  • Purchase Price: €236,900*


The firm introduced a small version minibus in 2020. For the most part, they decided to base the TORSUS TERRASTORM on a Volkswagen Crafter 4Motion chassis.

TORSUS TERRASTORM Technical Specifications

  • Diesel Engine 2 litre up to 177 HP
  • Torque up to 410 NM (newton meter)
  • Seating capacity up to 16 + 1 (driver)
  • Ground clearance 250 millimetres
  • Fording depth 68 centimetres
  • Width 2.65 metres
  • Length 6.0 metres
  • Weight (maximum permissible weight) 3500, 5000 kilograms
  • Purchase Price: €91,670*

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