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Electric Pickups UK

It is true to say that Chevrolet and Ford were early pioneers for electric pickup trucks in the late 1990s. But, the question remains... When will we get the best EV pickups in the United Kingdom?

This section contains information about light-duty pick-ups powered by electric motors (e.g. BEV, HEV) and which EVs could soon be available in the UK.

Electric Pick-Up Trucks Coming to the UK

Some of the best electric vans have already reached our shores as the phase-out of petrol and diesels continues.

In other words...

The UK Government believes that "battery-powered" light commercial vehicles (vans and pickups) will become cost efficient.

They also think that these vehicles will become even more popular for small and large business owners.

So, it's important for industry and enterprise to prepare ahead of time for the forthcoming changes. The all too familiar petrol and diesel commercials will become electric pickups, vans, and heavy duty trucks.

EV Pickups... Coming Soon?

The manufacturers launched the all-electric Ford F-150® Lightning® in April 2022. From that moment, it became clear that modern technology has moved things forward in leaps and bounds.

So, will we get the Ford F-150® EV in Britain? Well, check out our list of unsold cars in the UK and it would seem unlikely to happen in the very near future.

However, despite its enormous size and blistering top speeds, I'm sure some individuals would be happy to use it as a working vehicle.

Here's the thing:

What if all (or most) of that EV technology makes its way down to the Ford Ranger models, and its close relative the Volkswagen Amarok?

We already have confirmation of the imminent Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid. Plus, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dropped a few hints about making an electric version of the Amarok.

They would be joining several groundbreaking SAIC EVs (e.g. the Maxus T90EV launched in 2023) already sold in the United Kingdom.

So, to address the questions about the electric pickup trucks that are on the way to dealerships around the world, here's further guidance of when they may be heading to the United Kingdom.

Pro Tip: The main section contains information about the difference between double cabs and crew cab pickups and which makes and models are currently available for purchase in the United Kingdom.

Pros and Cons of Electric Pickups

Electric Pickup Trucks: Plus PointsPlus Points

Electric Pickup Trucks: Minus PointsMinus Points

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