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4x4 Fuel Consumption Comparison

4x4 FUEL ECONOMY: This guide compares the data on 4x4 petrol and diesel fuel consumption. The data is usage figures in everyday situations for popular 4x4 off road vehicles. It includes actual experiences of 4x4 fuel consumption provided by our website users.

Thus, compiling these diesel and petrol consumption figures is often based on various driving conditions.

We Need Your Help

Can you help us compile further 4x4 fuel economy data? We would like to know your experiences on fuel consumption - good and bad. It will enable us to expand this guide into a good database for drivers of 4x4 petrol and diesel engines.

Note: Please email us here if you can send us any accurate figures that we can add to this list. If so, please provide us with the following information.

  1. 4x4 or SUV Make and Model? Adding the vehicle age and mileage will also help.
  2. Light Foot Driving? This means you were using careful driving practices for most of the time.
  3. Heavy Foot Driving? This means you were using high speed and acceleration for most of the time.

A-Z List of Best 4x4 Fuel Consumption Data

4x4 Fuel Consumption Comparisons - Petrol and DieselFord Explorer 4.0 Automatic

Jeep Cherokee 4.0 High Output Automatic

Land Rover Freelander 1800 SE Petrol

Freelander TD4 2001 Diesel

Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 Turbo Diesel

Toyota Land Cruiser VX 4200 Diesel

Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 Petrol

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 VX Series Petrol

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