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Transit Connect 2023

Few online ratings would disagree about Ford® vans having already evolved into sophisticated vehicles capable of moving goods and heavy cargo around the country.

This review of Ford Transit Connect vans contains information about the new features, design standards, and the all-important technical data.

Reliable Vans that Perform for Businesses

It's fair to say the regular Transit vans are some of the best-performing and most reliable commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom.

For the time being, this new smaller version is available in two different body styles:

The foundational toughness and durability still exists. But now you get flexible front passenger seating and a new load-through bulkhead.

In addition to that, the regular Transit Connect comes in five different models. Whereas, there are only two double cab variants.

Yes... it's a smaller van. But, there's no shortage of loading space - and getting access to it is easy. So, no matter whether you're looking for a compact panel van for cargo or for people, the Ford® van lineup has several medium size covered trucks ideal for tradespeople.

Transit Connect Engines and Specifications

There are two options for wheelbase dimensions on the Ford Transit Connect Van. The short wheelbase measures 104.8 inches (SWB) and you get 120.8 inches on the longer version (LWB).

The Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) method determines a load space of 3.6 cubic metres and its maximum gross payload capacity is 982 kg (1.6 cubic metres and 788 kg permitted payload for double cabs).

Here's the deal:

Transit Connect vans have a 1.5L TDCi Ford EcoBlue diesel engine (75 PS, 100 PS, and 120 PS TDCi). But, there's also an option for 75ps and 1.0L Ford EcoBoost petrol (100ps) engines in the Leader and Trend models.

You get a 6-speed manual transmission in the petrol and diesel models. Even so, there is an option for an 8-speed automatic gearbox in the diesel vans.

Ford Transit Connect Review and Price in the United Kingdom2023 Ford Connect Van Interior Trim

Apart from its outstanding functionality, you also get a panel van that's easy to load and versatile.

Two rear doors combine well with a curbside sliding load door fitted as standard on almost all models (excludes the Transit Connect Leader van).

You can fold the rear seats flat, tumble them forward, or you can completely remove them if you need more space in the loading area.

Using the load-through bulkhead option gives you a maximum load length of 3400 millimetres (133 inches). The maximum cargo space drops to 1394 millimetres for the Double Cab-in-van model.

This feature is ideal for workers who need to transport long and awkward items like wooden planks or pipes, such as builders and plumbers.

A Van Full of Sophisticated Technologies

Some of the key technological features that help drivers stay connected, and standard in the Ford Transit Connect Van, include:

Pro Tip: Another section contains more information about the all-new Transit Courier Van (RRP from £16,200 excluding UK VAT on commercial vehicles).

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Ford Transit Connect Price in the United Kingdom2023 Ford Transit Connect Van Price in the United Kingdom £22,020 (Excl. VAT)

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