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Ford Fiesta Van 2022

It's true to say that even the modern car-derived vans have limited capabilities. So, they appeal to a niche market that tends to fizzle out with time.

Based on one of the best selling small cars built by the Ford Motor Company, this section contains a review of the Ford Fiesta Van and why it is still popular today.

What Does Car Derived Van Mean in UK?

The legal description for a car derived van (CDV) comes from Schedule 6 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Examples of small, car-based, light commercial vehicles (LCV) include:

In simple terms, it's a small size van based on a regular passenger car.

Pro Tip: Another section explains the new Highway Code speed limits for light commercial (goods) vehicles in the United Kingdom.

Should You Buy a Ford Fiesta Van?

So, what exactly is the point in buying a used Fiesta Van? First, you should accept that it has some limitations in the loading bay.

The back compartment is much smaller than conventional vans - and even most of the modern pickup trucks. Yet, you could still argue that they are more practical for carrying cargo than regular cars of a similar size.

Here's the deal:

In essence, they suit businesses that only need a modest carrying capacity, such as parcel couriers. Even so, it is a light commercial vehicle (LCV) that has a secure and functional loading compartment - with fixed-rate taxation benefits.

Another advantage is having a front passenger area that matches the plushness of Fiesta car models. Hence, they are comfortable, nippy around inner city roads, and easy to park.

Load Capacity of the Fiesta Van

A second hand Vauxhall Corsa or Ford Fiesta rank among the top 10 small cars for sale in the United Kingdom. So, how does a van counterpart compare? Some of the main differences include:

Having said all that, you only get a 94bhp or 123bhp output option in the standard model. But, the 1.0 EcoBoost Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (mHEV) variant comes with a powerful 123bhp.

The maximum payload capacity of the standard petrol Fiesta Van is about 515 kilograms and 530kg for the diesel version.

It measures 4,065mm long, 1,941mm wide, and 1,466mm high. The loading area is capable of transporting up to one (1) cubic metre of cargo.

Ford Fiesta Sport Van Trim Levels

The labels used for two trim levels are Fiesta Van (used for fleet management) and Fiesta Sport Van (for private buyers). As you may expect, the Sport design and trimming proved to be a bigger seller.

Ford Fiesta Van Review and Price Guide for United KingdomIn fact, it has been the only model available for private buyers since 2020.

The standard equipment and tech features of all Ford Fiesta Vans includes:

The extra items fitted to Fiesta Sport Vans also include a sporty body kit (similar to the ST-Line Fiesta passenger car). You also get air-conditioning, sports seats, keyless start, Quickclear Heated Windscreen, and security alarm with interior sensors.

A 125hp turbo petrol engine has been available for the new Ford Fiesta Sport Van EcoBoost Hybrid since August 2020. In fact, similar mHEV technology is used by the Ford Transit and Ford Transit Custom models (replacing the original alternator).

But wait - there's more:

The FordPass Connect 4G Wi-Fi modem has been a standard feature on all new Fiesta Vans since June 2020. So, you can use the FordPass Pro smartphone app to get a wide range of vehicle connectivity and any Over-The-Air software updates.

Pro Tip: Another section contains more information about the all-new Transit Courier Van (RRP from £16,200 excluding UK VAT on commercial vehicles).

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Car Review Conclusions - Minus PointsMinus Points

Ford Fiesta Van Price in the United KingdomNew 2022 Ford Fiesta Van Price for the United Kingdom: £16,715 (Excl. VAT on Vans)

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