4x4 Problems

4x4 Faults and Problems 

This section deals with known and reported problems with 4x4 off road SUV vehicles.

It is not intended to turn you off 4x4 SUV's.

Nonetheless, the database of known or reported faults with various 4x4 Vehicles should help.

If you have had problems with your 4x4 - please help us build a database of known faults.



Notified 4 Wheel Drive Failures

Smoky Diesel Car Engine icon Smoky Diesel Engines

There are many reasons why diesel engines smoke. Here are a few of them and with luck you will be able to cure your smokey diesel engine!

Smoky Diesel Car Engine icon Engine Oil Sludge

Learn how to check your car for oily sludge or gel and understand why black gooey oil sludge build up in the motor is bad for diesel engines.

Mechanical fault icon Nissan Terrano

My Nissan Terrano has this problem the speedometer odometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, tachometer do not work. I have looked in the hand book their is no indication for fuse or a relay .

I have phoned the Nissan dealer but he would not inform me what the problem was, "Bring it in and in and they will look". Its a year 2000 2664 cc.

Smoky Diesel Car Engine icon Mitsubishi Pajero

143,000 - Head gasket blown after a gruelling tree pulling episode. Head developed a small crack as a result. Repairs cost £1200. Front end oil leak - Turbo breather pipe rubbing on bulkhead after rubber insert became dislodged. 150,000 Rocker cam shattered over one cylinder - No known cause.

Smoky Diesel Car Engine icon Car Terms Glossary

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