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Motorcycle Track Days in the UK

Nowadays, even a beginner can feel the thrill and experience the competitiveness by turning a bike track day into a memorable event.

This guide explains the basics about the restrictions for riding a bike round a track, the itinerary, and where to find some of the best circuits around the country.

So, What is a Motorcycle Bike Track Day?

Most UK racing circuits organise events where beginners can take their own motorbike and ride it on the track.

In general, there are no speed restrictions imposed on these bike track days (also called motorcycle track days for beginners).

Even so, riders must keep within their own 'personal limits' and comply with all regulations at the track.

Bikes must have front brake lever guards and riders need to wear a full length back protector.

Pro Tip: The main section explains what to expect at a car track day or a driving experience organised by one of the companies around the United Kingdom.

What Happens on Bike Track Days?

As a rule, the organisers of motorcycle track days run them in groups. So, they will separate riders based on their ability, usually beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders.

Each group takes their turn out on the track. So, in general, you will get a session of about twenty (20) minutes per hour.

There will be lots of circuit marshals monitoring the event. Their job is to make sure everyone is safe on the track.

Here's the deal:

You cannot take part in a motorbike track day unless you are at least eighteen (18) years of age, already have a full-unrestricted licence (or current Auto-Cycle Union licence), and wearing:

Some of the professional tracks in the United Kingdom allow riders to hire a fully track prepared bike, available in various sizes from 600cc to 1000cc.

Ride Your Own Bike Format

It's important to understand how most itineraries operate on 'ride your own bike' trackday events. You can expect the sessions to run from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Bring Your Own Bike Track Day Events in the United KingdomThe typical format will go something like this:

  1. Registration and safety briefing.
  2. Sighting laps conducted at a steady pace.
  3. Three or four, twenty (20) minute morning sessions.
  4. Three, twenty (20) minute afternoon sessions.

Three ability groups will be allocated as Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced. The sessions of twenty minute rotations is a lot of track time!

Note: Prices vary according to the circuit and calendar dates.

UK Own Bike Track Day Venues

We are building a list of Motorcycle Bike Track Days events for beginners and professionals to enjoy at the top circuits around the United Kingdom.

  • Anglesey Circuit
  • Brands Hatch Circuit
  • Donington Park Circuit
  • Mallory Park Circuit
  • Pembrey Circuit
  • Silverstone Circuit
  • Snetterton Circuit

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